The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Brief History Lesson

August 31, 2008


 For all of my enlightened progressive friends out there in cyberland who are just atwitter and twitching about Gov. Palin let me give you a little history lesson.

There is a candidate for VP. This candidate is an outdoors type person, hunter, hiker, likes fishing, church goer, GUN OWNER!  You know the type. This candidate has little experience in public office, had been in the state legislature for awhile but left and moved out west. The candidate had been a big failure in business out west and moved back to live off the family money. Freakin’ right wingers! Later the candidate gets a low level bureaucrat job for one and a half years because someone was doing a friend a favor. Of course this candidate is a Republican you know how they are. The candidate had once run for mayor about four years earlier and finished third in a three person race, LOSER! So, this person starts making waves in the job and they want to get rid of this dweeb so being savvy political types they kick the candidate upstairs into a run for an office they know will be a lost cause. They nominate this bozo for Governor and what do you know somehow this inexperienced moron wins! Now this candidate is in the way of the political machine of the party in the state so after a year as Governor they put this jerk, this nothing, this inexperienced chump with little foreign policy or executive experience on the national ticket as the running mate with the President. They overlook the fact the candidate is only 44 and has nothing on the resume which points to any ability to run the country. They figure that this will be the end of their problem. They win and six months later the president is dead and this inexperienced idiot who in no way is “ready on day two” is sitting in the big chair.

Disaster for America? No, one of the top five presidents of all time; Teddy Roosevelt.

Go Sarah!