The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Who Cares About Your Running Mate?

August 21, 2008



Everybody has their shorts all bunched up waiting to see who Obama and McCain are going to pick as their running mate but really, who cares?   

Sure there are some stupid picks that the two could make like Obama picking Hillary and galvanizing the right or McCain picking Lieberman and alienation just about everyone. That aside, I think the vice presidential pick has little effect on the outcome of the election. Does anyone go to the poll and think that the most important issue is where the VP candidate is from?  That may have been true back in the 19th century but I don’t think people today give a rat’s backside if their states favorite son is on the ticket. Sure there is always what I call the Elvis factor, that small percentage of folks who will do or believe in anything, like Libertarians who think Bob Barr has a chance of winning. Seriously, is there any leftie out there who will leave the Obama camp even if he picks Lassie or a bar of Irish Spring as his running mate?

With the exception of Bush the First all recent vice presidents have faded in obscurity which is probably just as well when you consider they have included Quayle and Mondale. Those that did get to the big chair were nothing to write home about. Witness, Nixon, Ford and Johnson.  

More important to winning my vote is knowing who the candidate is going to nominate for the Supreme Court.  Justices are there forever.  Even a Nixon or a Johnson has a limited shelf life so I am much more concerned about who will sit on the court than who will get free room and board at the Naval Observatory. I suspect that anyone Obama would nominate would make Ruth Bader-Ginsberg seem like Rush Limbaugh but I could be wrong. Let’s say Barack put out a list of three names and they weren’t Castro, Chavez and Chomsky maybe he wouldn’t seem so radical. On the other hand if John McCain would put out a list of three names that contained Alito/Roberts type conservatives and not Castro. Chavez, Chomsky maybe some of us out on the far right wing nut job, drill here, protect the second amendment, control the borders, prolife fringe would not be looking to sit this dance out.