The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Now That Was a Speech

September 4, 2008

Writers Note: I have been browsing the blogs all day and the pedophilia/incest/name your random lie hits just keep on coming. I got an “urgent” e mail the morning from the Obama camp about the “lies” Gov. Palin is spreading. As I say in my peice today I am a fan of irony.

So let the mud fly and the next time I hear a liberal friend complain about Glenn or Sean or Rush picking on Michelle Obama I will just refer them to Wonkette.






Today’s Blog


I just finished watching Sarah Palin deliver her acceptance speech and I hope Hillary Clinton was watching. She could learn something from that small town gal. That was a woman who is tough, not trying to seem tough. That was a woman who could be critical without seeming harsh. That was a woman who knew how to deliver a punchline and then a punch. That was a woman who, when she encountered a glass ceiling, didn’t put cracks in it but kicked it in with a steel toed work boot. She is everything Hillary has wanted to be since she was sitting in her dorm room at Vassar. Maybe if Hillary really wanted to be the first woman president she would have learned to track a Moose instead of hitching her star to a serial philanderer. I’m not sure what my liberal blogger counterparts will say but I hope it is derisive. I hope they brand her as a lightweight. I hope they continue to underestimate and try to humiliate her. I hope after she mops up the auditorium with Joe Biden’s hair transplants they continue to make fun of her. Finally, I hope on November 5th they finally figure out what hit them.

Of course I was watching the speech on Fox News.  I could lose my status as leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy if I wasn’t. It’s in the bylaws that we must watch Fox and listen to Rush. That’s where the signal that activated the transmitters in our brains originates. I switched over to CNN to see Candy Crowley wonder if a woman could be tough and not seem mean. Funny how liberals love to dive into the stereotypes they say they hate when it’s to their advantage. The entire panel seemed lost in trying to explain her appeal. Perfect.

I like her husband too. Maybe Todd will drill an oil well or put in a snowmobile track on the lawn of the Naval Observatory.  Unlike Bill Clinton he’s actually worked for a living. He seems like the kind of guy you wife would let you go on the town with for a night. He’s the kind of guy who would drink a Bud, shoot a game of pool and watch your back in a fight. I saw him wearing a Cubs hat, what more do you need to know about a guy.

I actually laughed out loud when after the speech several pundits mentioned the fact that she didn’t write the speech. As if… do I need to even finish that thought, even my Marxist friends are smart enough to know where I am going. I’m waiting for the Obama camp to say something like, “Nice speech but…” because I am a fan of the ironic.

Yeah, I might be a little over the top but it’s been a few years since true believer conservatives have had someone to rally around. Since I am a lifelong Cub fan I hope you will indulge me a baseball metaphor. She was a double A player who got called up to the Show and in her first game hit a grand slam and pitched a perfect game, Fluke? Could be, it’s a long season and she’s just out of the gate but I have a feeling she is a triple crown winner.   


The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Brief History Lesson

August 31, 2008


 For all of my enlightened progressive friends out there in cyberland who are just atwitter and twitching about Gov. Palin let me give you a little history lesson.

There is a candidate for VP. This candidate is an outdoors type person, hunter, hiker, likes fishing, church goer, GUN OWNER!  You know the type. This candidate has little experience in public office, had been in the state legislature for awhile but left and moved out west. The candidate had been a big failure in business out west and moved back to live off the family money. Freakin’ right wingers! Later the candidate gets a low level bureaucrat job for one and a half years because someone was doing a friend a favor. Of course this candidate is a Republican you know how they are. The candidate had once run for mayor about four years earlier and finished third in a three person race, LOSER! So, this person starts making waves in the job and they want to get rid of this dweeb so being savvy political types they kick the candidate upstairs into a run for an office they know will be a lost cause. They nominate this bozo for Governor and what do you know somehow this inexperienced moron wins! Now this candidate is in the way of the political machine of the party in the state so after a year as Governor they put this jerk, this nothing, this inexperienced chump with little foreign policy or executive experience on the national ticket as the running mate with the President. They overlook the fact the candidate is only 44 and has nothing on the resume which points to any ability to run the country. They figure that this will be the end of their problem. They win and six months later the president is dead and this inexperienced idiot who in no way is “ready on day two” is sitting in the big chair.

Disaster for America? No, one of the top five presidents of all time; Teddy Roosevelt.

Go Sarah!