Jeffrey Jena Bio/background

Jeffrey Jena is a conservative writer and stand-up comic. He is a regular columnist for Big Hollywood and has written guest opinion pieces for his hometown paper, The Middletown Journal. He has appeared on over thirty national television shows including , Comics Unleashed, The Dennis Miller Show, Showtime, and MTV. He is a frequent guest on the Bob and Tom radio and TV shows.  He has also worked as an actor when all the real actors were busy.

Jeff teaches classes in comedy and improv. If you want to learn more about Jeff check out or at

Jeff and his family live in a small town in the midwest where people can still express an opinion, drive an SUV, own a gun and smoke a cigarette without the government bothering them.  He is a founding member of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.


8 Responses to Jeffrey Jena Bio/background

  1. Jonathan Fellows says:

    Jeff, I just noticed a couple of your posts on Big Hollywood. I still remember you from when we competed on “Jeopardy!” I’m glad you’re a fellow member of the VRWC.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Mr Fellows dropped me on Jeopardy on National TV back in the late 80’s like my IQ was 78. Hey maybe it is. He got the cash, I got Lee Press-on Nails and a Broyhill sofa.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Paul K says:

    I’m amazed and pleased to see that from those humble days of playing cards every Sunday evening with the Jena herd thundering in the background and losing your money like a drunken sailor, you rose like a phoenix to join the VRWC.

  4. Tim Dobrozsi says:

    Hey Jeff, What is the name of your comedy place and where exactly is it. My daughter was yaking recently about a comedy club in Newport and I was wondering what the name of your club was and where it is located. How about dropping me a note on my e-mail address. Thanks

  5. Naomi says:

    Why a Republican Landslide in November May Not Matter

    Rep. Doc Hastings’ (R-WA) excellent article “Backdoor approach to statehood” (4/27/2010) explains that HR 2499, which will be voted on this week, could open the door for Puerto Rican statehood with scant public debate.

    What Rep. Hastings’ article misses is the Puerto Rican government’s plan to rig their election by eliminating the Commonwealth option. Since Puerto Ricans have rejected statehood in the last three self-determination elections and independence is extremely unpopular, a statehood landslide is all but guaranteed. The plan is spelled out in their legislation (pp. 7-8).

    Since the New Progressive Party (PNP), which is pro-statehood, controls all branches of government, there is little doubt that this bill would become law soon after the Congress passes HR 2499.

    Former Puerto Rican Governor Hernandez Colon (a Commonwealth supporter) confirms the Puerto Rican government’s strategy to obtain statehood in a letter to U.S. Congressmen opposing HR 2499 and provides details on Puerto Rico’s dismal economic record.!/note.php?note_id=322982249274

    After statehood wins a landslide majority, Puerto Rico will elect a congressional delegation to send to Washington, D.C. and demand they be seated. According to the PNP’s 2009-2012 party platform, Puerto Rico will follow the same strategy Tennessee used to gain admission to the Union in 1796: to dispatch its newly elected congressmen to Washington to demand their seats in Congress. See page 179 (in Spanish; translation: After having obtained a majority vote for Statehood, we will implement the most effective strategies to have Congress approve an enabling act admitting Puerto Rico as a State of the Union, by including the strategy known as the Tennessee Plan.)

    PNP leader and former Governor Carlos Romero Barceló, told local newspapers, “They [congressional leaders] will have to support [statehood] in order to avoid being accused of bigotry against Hispanics.” In other words the Puerto Ricans won’t hesitate to denounce anyone who resists their demand as “racists.”

    And since President Obama has declared that African-Americans, Latinos and women will be the key to the November elections (and beyond), there should be little doubt that the racist charges will stick.

    Some people believe that Puerto Rico is conservative, but it is a giant welfare state, the majority of citizens do not speak English, it is poorer than Mississippi and it has extremely restrictive gun control laws. The endgame for PR is to seek a federal bailout (which it is not eligible for as a Commonwealth).

    The endgame for Democrats is that they will likely pick up seats (and seats will be eliminated in other areas of the country after the next redistricting) – and not just in Puerto Rico. You can bet that D.C. isn’t going to sit idly by. They will be next.

  6. Hello Jeff,
    Its a fellow Miami grad.

    The latest from the Stopa Campaign. You were interested in Mike Stopa’s campaign once. We have garnered the interest of some national media, and have some endorsements on the way.

    Here is our latest video.

    We are in a tight 5 way race. But our ability to get media attention may be the only thing that can unseat the incumbent, James McGovern.

    We also have several clips like this from the Hannity Show.

    We appreciate your interest. Keep up the good work. Feel free to drop me a line.

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