The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Col. Gadhafi

I am not against blowing the holy bejeebers out of Col. Gadhafi, (by the way how do you run a country for 41 years and not get promoted to General) We should have done it when he killed our marines in Berlin, we should have done it when he killed Americans over Lockerbie. Let’s just not pretend we’re doing it for some humanitarian reason. Let’s be proud to say we are doing it for revenge and justice!

Let’s also stop pretending that the French, Canadians, British or any other nation which depends on our military and largess for their continued existence are in charge of anythng. 

How about we just say, ” This tin pot yapping mutt has had his day and now the time has come to repay all debts and close the books on this sad affair. We are sorry we let this fester so long. It will not happen again. As a bonus, our friends in Europe will get a lot of oil on the cheap. Saudia Arabia, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea please take note. Thank you, your friend in the United States of America.”


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