The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy The Ground Zero Mosque


I may be a little off from other conservative voices on the question of an alleged radical Muslim cleric building a mosque near Ground Zero but I say; let ‘um!

I don’t know the exact number of feet away from Ground Zero this mosque would need to be to keep everybody. I don’t know what would qualify this building for “landmark” status. I do know that the idea of locating a Mosque there and opening it on September 11th shows not only rank insensitivity to the victim’s families but open hostility to our way of life. Still, as a free nation it is the things we find most abhorrent that we must protect most diligently.

If this group of Muslims own this property. then I must defend their right to do all that is legal with that property. If they think their actions will somehow raise tolerance for their sect they are sadly mistaken. If they want to be crappy neighbors then I would love to see New York do the same right back at them.

My first suggestion would be for Mayor Bloomberg to zone the area around the mosque for strip clubs and legalized street walking.  Assign policemen of Jewish heritage to answer all calls at the Mosque. Schedule the gay pride parade to circle the block several times, if possible right at prayer hour. Allow as many street vendors as would like them licenses to sell pork sandwiches and “medicinal” marijuana in that area. My final suggestion would be to have the city tear up the side walks around the building and repave them with a nice mixture of Portland Cement and bacon fat.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy The Ground Zero Mosque

  1. I did hear one theory that the place could be named a national battle field monument. I think that was Gingrich.

    This piece from Hannity has some good footage of a public hearing over the historical status of the building, and of course my favorite politician.

    The mosque is nothing more than a victory monument. The should find out where the money came from.

  2. hoboduke says:

    I would love a massive bronze sculpture of the firefighters hanging the US flag from the wrecked girders of the twin towers. It should be right in front of the Mosque with the plaque, “We will never forget.”

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