The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Franken at Netroots: YAWN!

Al Franken is one of those guys who continues to amaze me, for all the wrong reasons. His 42 plus minute “monodrone” at the mic for the Netroots Nation conference could be considered cruel and unusual punishment if it were shown in a prison. His speech was absolutely devoid of the passion he begged the left wing bloggers to continue.  If Bush had shown this incredibly dull speech to the prisoners at Guantanamo the same bloggers would be calling him a war criminal.

I will say this; the top of Al’s head looks good! That is what was mostly seen on Fox News as he read his speech from the podium. Maybe the ultra high tech folks at The Daily Kos couldn’t afford to rent a teleprompter for Al. Fox, which showed his speech live, apparently had  no back-up plan for this time slot like cutting away  b-roll of paint drying or a re-run of Geraldo’s “Al Capone” show to further lower their ratings during this hour.

One would expect that a guy who made a living from allegedly being funny for three decades could have written a few jokes for his big night. Maybe he was working on his “gravitas!” This speech could be a gigantic clue as to why the liberal radio network “Air America” which he bragged about founding, floundered so badly and quickly.

Besides being overly long and boring the speech was riddled with, how should I put this; factual inaccuracies? Misstatements? Lies?  He could have shortened the speech by at least ten minutes if he had only reduced the number of times he plugged his books and reduced the listing of the great things he has done for, “the progressive movement.” To hear Al tell it he elected half the Senate and wrote huge hunks of the health care bill.

I loved when he said the election that brought him to Washington was fair and not at all like Florida in 2000. Finally, I thought, some humor. But Al was not be ironic he was trying to convince us that all the votes had been counted in Minnesota! Perhaps his greatest piece of “spin” in the speech was how he tried to make it seem that “evil corporations” were trying to control the internet. In fact it is the Obama Administration which is pushing to limit free speech on the web.

Maybe Al was counting on the advertising slogan of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” being true. I am waiting to see if the alleged “honest” bloggers on the left will report what a huge yawn this keynote turned out to be.


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Franken at Netroots: YAWN!

  1. Patrick says:

    Bang on critique of Franken’s drone. I could hardly
    keep my eyes open. He is striving mightily not to be
    taken as a lightweight (comedian) and he has either overcorrected or doesn’t know how to do anything else.
    He seems to be lacking in native wit, like say Reagan
    had. He is just a reader of comic material supplied by
    others and in its absence is now revealed as just another hack politician and not a very good one at that.

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