The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Molly Norris and Drawing Muhammad


Art is a tricky subject. Everyone’s a critic and some react a little more strongly than others. Just ask Molly Norris. Art critics in the Muslim world have put her on a hit list for some of her work.

Ms Norris is a cartoonist who stood up for freedom of speech…for awhile. After the animated show “South Park” bowed to pressure and threats and removed a piece from a show showing the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit Ms. Norris started a movement called “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” The idea took off and groups both left and right got behind the idea of standing up for freedom of expression.

Some liberal cowards like Atlanta Journal Constitution “political cartoonist” Mike Luckovich didn’t join in because they were already aware of the way Islamic critics give a bad review. As were the folks at one of my favorite shows “The Simpsons.” After the South Park incident they had Bart do his punishment on the chalk board by writing, “South Park – We’d stand beside you if we weren’t so scared.”

I’m not sure of Molly Norris’ political leanings but after her crusade for freedom took off she backed away. She apologized to Muslins for offending them. She was honest as to why she was backing away when she drew a cartoon with herself saying, “I said that I wanted to counter fear and then I got afraid.”

Unfortunately for Ms. Norris Islamic fundamentalists tend to hold grudges. Ask Theo Van Gogh, the recently deceased Dutch filmmaker or Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who also has been repeatedly targeted by terrorists for drawing Muhammad. Last February, he was attacked by a man with an ax who, inspired by jihad, tried to kill him. Ask Salman Rushdie who probably still looks over his shoulder a lot even though he has allegedly been removed from a fatwa as a condition of normalizing relations between Iran and Britain.

The art critic who Ms. Norris has aggravated is none other than that Fort Hood inspiring American born jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki. He has reportedly said her proper abode is hell. Ms. Norris’ website is down and it has been reported that the police are watching her house.

It’s no wonder that other “edgy” artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Sarah Silverman tend to pick on Christianity. It’s a whole lot safer.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Molly Norris and Drawing Muhammad

  1. Thanks Jeff…make me wonder about what I put out there.

    What is interesting is that many Muslims do not believe that you shouldn’t depict an image of Muhammad yet somehow the news doesn’t find them and they too seem to be put in a position of fear to speak out against the jihadists.

  2. DJ Solomon says:

    Very good article. It is this kind of self censorship that will lead us down the road of fascism. In an era where no ones scared cows are spared,Muslims should learn to take some much-needed criticism and a joke.

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