THe Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Happy Freedom!

If you are out and about this Fourth of July weekend and see a person in uniform do something nice for them. Buy them a coffee. Pay for their lunch in the airport. Just go up and say “Thanks.”

They are the direct line from Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concordthrough the Civil War right to Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are the modern heros so treat them like they deserve to be treated.

If by chance you run into a Democratic Congress person who attached some additional social spending onto the bill they needed and stalled in the Senate let them know where the unemployment line is come November.

Celebrate your freedom today! Happy Fourth!


One Response to THe Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Happy Freedom!

  1. Bill Leake says:

    I came across this post by Tom Elia today that points out a provision in the so-called Wall Street Reform bill that is not getting very much coverage.

    What I’m most curious about is whether this provision, no doubt inserted on behalf of the trial bar, is going to end up costing local taxpayers out of our pockets as a result, considering we depend on bonds to fund many of our services.

    I wanted to make sure you had seen Tom’s post, and to encourage you to help spread the word about yet one more provision in the bill that probably has little to do with financial reform.



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