The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

One thing that many pundits have overlooked in the recent primaries is that Sarah Palin is batting 1000.
I believe this is because there are a lot of folks she is backing  are not traditional politicians.
I wrote a brief post two days a go about one such person in Massachusetts, Mike Stopa running for Congress.
Now let me introduce you to another.  Len Britton who is running for Senate against Pat Leahy. If you are from Vermont or know smeone hwho is let them know about Len. Check out his website and the video link for a funny but true ad they are running on the web.
We are the new activists! It’s the one great thing President Obama has done for our country.

One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

  1. Here is a great clip where Sen. Leahy discusses giving Miranda Rights to terrorists.

    Now isn’t that special.

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