The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Too Smart for Politics

 There are very few conservatives in the academic world. I hate to lose one of them but in the ultra-left State of Massachucetts Dr. Mike Stopa is running for Congress.

If you live in the Bay State please check him out!

Mike’s campaign was brought to my attention by his friend, campaign worker, fellow smart guy and teacher at my alma mater Miami University Alve Hare who also suggests a few links to check out.


5 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Too Smart for Politics

  1. levelsofillusion says:

    I’m thinking it would do you a world of good to spend some time in Lynchburg Virginia. It is the home of a “University” that teaches EXACTLY what you seem to believe. The earth is 6000 years old here and just about everybody knows it. The only newspaper is censored for anti-conservative content. At Liberty University professors have no tenure to insure their politics remain pure and free of even a hint of “Liberal” thought. I’m thinking you would LOVE it.

  2. Rose Angel says:

    I have to say that I enjoyed watching the u-tube videos and reading the information on this man. Such a refreshing message. He definitely would get my vote.

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  4. Actually the other ‘smart guy’ you mention got his masters at Miami of Ohio. He then spent about 15 years in the Boston area in hi tech start-up companies, and is currently doing research at place he calls ‘The Institute’.

    But the campaign has several techies and science nerds involved, a graphic artist, a marketing guy, a long distance runner, and even a comedian.

    Combined we have almost zero political experience. Which makes it even better. We don’t have any ‘real politicians’ involved. YEAH!

  5. shredderofmass says:

    New Video, July
    Meet Mike Stopa

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