The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sir Paul, Tell the Walrus to Be Quiet

“I don’t ever try to make a serious social comment.”
Paul McCartney

Too bad Paul didn’t stick to his own advice. Last Wednesday former Beatle and once great songwriter Paul McCartney was invited to play a short gig at the White House. Fair enough! Maybe we have run out of American superstars to show up for the weekly party. For some unknown reason Sir Paul decided to try his hand a little comedy while he was in town even though comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld was standing right behind him. Maybe Jerry had asked if he could sing “Yesterday” and Paul figured turnabout was fair play.

Since Mr. McCartney isn’t a professional I’ll lay off the fact that that joke he made was so hackneyed that it rates right under a “McNugget” reference. Bush jokes are also a little out of date. Maybe I should dust off some of my Clinton stuff if I get an invite to a Wednesday fiesta.

Besides that I have a few other problems with Sir Paul.

First and foremost is that for someone who has made some of the bonehead moves in their life that Paul has shouldn’t really be casting aspersions at anyone else’s intellectual level. Do the words “Heather Mills” mean anything, Sir Paul? How about carrying pot into Japan?

Second the joke wasn’t funny. I am a right wing nut job but when someone who is good like Lewis Black, Jimmy Tingle or Will Durst takes a meat cleaver to the right I can usually laugh because their take is original and funny.

Third and this is my biggest complaint, if you ain’t American butt out! I was talking to a friend who is an English singer this week. He just got a great gig in Vegas and was joking about how “tough” it would be to live here with people of low intellect like Bush and Palin. He’s isn’t the only one. Recently, singer Shakira, a Columbian, was chiming in on how “racist” we are because of the new tough laws in Arizona. Awhile back English Twit-Laureate Russell Brand let loose with some Bush bashing on some minor awards show he was hosting. How is it people who are here as guests feel free to insult our country? If you are an American I’ll listen to you have to say. You want to give Glenn Beck a verbal smack down, fine! You got a dog in the fight. If you are a guest, mind you manners. Keep your feet off the chairs and don’t talk bad about your hosts. Come here, make your money and then say “Thank you!” on your way out the door.

To my English friends- let me remind you of the downward arc your little island has been on since Lady Thatcher let public office.  I’d put GW’s smarts up against Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown or any of the many Marxist writing for the Independent. As for Sir Paul let me quote your pal John Lennon, “The only thing you done was yesterday.”


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sir Paul, Tell the Walrus to Be Quiet

  1. This must be a parody?
    Being from the UK, I don’t recognise anything you’ve wrote about this country, as being based in anything other than manic right winged American nonsense. Brown, a Marxist? Really? Genuinely a Marxist? Wow…. just …. wow.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Dear Futile, Here in the country that kicked your ass 235 years ago and then was nice enough to save you from the Germans twice in the last century, we read for comprehension. If you will look at the writing I believe it says, “…any of the many Marxists writing for the Independent.” I don’t think that is calling Mr Brown a Marxist… As for keeping your small and insignificant country free and English speaking, don’t say it, you’re welcome!

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