The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Oil, Oil Everywhere, What’s a President To Do?

Even though some minor Democrat somewhere made a weak attempt at blaming Bush and his administration for the environmental disaster in the Gulf, I have to come to the aid of, and this really hurts me to say this, President Obama.

A lot of my fellow right wing nut jobs are kicking the President for his lack of action on the BP oil rig disaster. While there are some things the President should be doing, like giving military manpower to the Gulf States to set booms and do what they can to prevent oil from coming ashore and cleaning it up when it does what should the President be doing?

I asked the same questions when Bush was being lambasted by the left during Katrina Do we expect the President to get in a mini sub and go down there and give one of his sternly worded warnings to the oil flow?  What the President should do is be quiet and let BP have whatever resources it needs to try whatever possible to stop this incident and clean up the mess. There will be plenty of time for blaming, lawsuits and spinning this to political advantage when it’s over. If the President wants to go to a beach in the bayou and have his photo taken through a long soft focus lens hugging an oily water fowl that’s ok with me but let’s not confuse that with “doing” something.

As a supporter of drilling for oil anywhere and anyplace I am shocked that there were not several redundant safety systems to prevent this type of accident. I assumed that all the smart boy engineers at the oil companies may have foreseen that at some point a worst case scenario could happen. I don’t know what deep water shut off valves and other safety measures would have could cost BP and the other companies but I am pretty sure it would have been less than they will be shelling out over the next umpteen years to settle this disaster.  

As a conservative and free market supporter I would rather 25 cents a gallon more for deep water protection than the same tax to the government.


5 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Oil, Oil Everywhere, What’s a President To Do?

  1. hoboduke says:

    Let’s get some priorities in order. Why are we selecting the most difficult process as the way to get oil? Deepwater offshore drilling is basically out of sight out of mind for the politicians. Drilling in Alaska on ground has less techinical challenges, but heaven forbid, it can be shown on commercial media if one elk is killed. How about millions of sea creatures killed? The evolution of man’s quest for energy migrated from wood, to coal, to whale oil, to oil and natural gas. Now we are developing alternatives, but we still prefer oil over coal, whale oil (heaven forbid), or shale oil. Anyway, building inspectors check skyscrapers at critical stages of construction. Inspecting well drilling and pumping can be checked and verified if we aren’t lax or lazy in our duties.

  2. I’m not sure why any conservative would come to the aid of President Obama especially when his administration exempted BP from providing the legally required environmental impact study for Site 206 on April 6, 2009. Site 206 is the location of the Deepwater Horizon Rig that exploded on April 20, 2010.

  3. Please ignore my previous comment. As a first time reader, you caught me off guard by using subtle humor in your excellent post.

    P.S. Added your Blog to the Political Satire of my Blogroll.

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