The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Are You Kidding Me? Senate Cheers Calderon

It’s one thing for the First Marxist in the White House to stand up next to the President of Mexico and denigrate our country. After his bowing to kings and dictators around the world and apologizing for anything our country has done we have come to expect his “America Sucks” attitude. However, he is our moron who won his seat behind the big desk and the right to read off the First Teleprompter fair and square and has the right to say what he wants.

It is another thing for the President of a third world dump which is run by drug cartels to come here and lecture us on our laws. Perhaps Jefe Calderon would like it if we adopted the same laws they have in Mexico to deal with illegal aliens. Here is what they do: They require them to carry papers, actively search for illegals, it is against the law for anyone without a permit to even apply for a job and if they are caught they are sent home. Of course the Hypocrite of the South doesn’t want us to have or enforce similar laws. Why? Billions of dollars are sent to Mexico each year from the U.S. which props up their shaky narco-economy.

If any American who watched the Democrats and a few RINO’s stand up and applaud this corrupt third world tinhorn wanna-be Chavez ever votes for a Democrat again then you deserve the country they are trying to lead us towards.

Then of course there is LA. Los Angeles is “boycotting” Arizona, except not really. Mayor Villaraigosa is just doing some grandstanding for those who don’t read or think too much. Has Los Angeles or any other place in California said they no longer would like folks from Arizona to come there on vacation? No! I heard a report recently that 25% of LA’s power is generated and purchased from Arizona. Will LA stop buying energy from Arizona? Don’t think so. I could go on but here is the real hypocrisy; there pompous elitists want to protect all the Arizona illegals from racism and harassment? Invite them to come to LA! Send a bunch of city buses over there to pick them up and bring them to the sanctuary of LA.


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Are You Kidding Me? Senate Cheers Calderon

  1. truth machine says:

    Your low-IQ rants sure convince me …

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