The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Oil, Oil Everywhere, What’s a President To Do?

May 30, 2010

Even though some minor Democrat somewhere made a weak attempt at blaming Bush and his administration for the environmental disaster in the Gulf, I have to come to the aid of, and this really hurts me to say this, President Obama.

A lot of my fellow right wing nut jobs are kicking the President for his lack of action on the BP oil rig disaster. While there are some things the President should be doing, like giving military manpower to the Gulf States to set booms and do what they can to prevent oil from coming ashore and cleaning it up when it does what should the President be doing?

I asked the same questions when Bush was being lambasted by the left during Katrina Do we expect the President to get in a mini sub and go down there and give one of his sternly worded warnings to the oil flow?  What the President should do is be quiet and let BP have whatever resources it needs to try whatever possible to stop this incident and clean up the mess. There will be plenty of time for blaming, lawsuits and spinning this to political advantage when it’s over. If the President wants to go to a beach in the bayou and have his photo taken through a long soft focus lens hugging an oily water fowl that’s ok with me but let’s not confuse that with “doing” something.

As a supporter of drilling for oil anywhere and anyplace I am shocked that there were not several redundant safety systems to prevent this type of accident. I assumed that all the smart boy engineers at the oil companies may have foreseen that at some point a worst case scenario could happen. I don’t know what deep water shut off valves and other safety measures would have could cost BP and the other companies but I am pretty sure it would have been less than they will be shelling out over the next umpteen years to settle this disaster.  

As a conservative and free market supporter I would rather 25 cents a gallon more for deep water protection than the same tax to the government.


The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Obama on Memorial Day-NDB

May 27, 2010

There are a number of things on which people of intelligence and good conscience can disagree . The Arizona Law, Obamacare, Cap and Trade and other purely politically issues are always open to interpretation. Though I don’t agree with many progressive ideas I can understand why the folks on the other side support their position.

So can anybody of any political stripe explain why is it the President of the United States feels justified on snubbing those who have given their lives for their country? While the leftist will point to the fact that Bush once missed Arlington on Memorial Day it was to go to Normandy not to the nearest National Cemetary to his weekend vacation spot.

We give him a pretty nifty jet to fly around on. He could fly into DC lay a wreath and be back in Chitown before noon.

Pitiful! Disrespectful! A national shame!

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Thanks Science Dudes and Dudettes

May 26, 2010

Just wanted to say thanks for the thousands of hits and reads by the science types sent here by Mr. Myers.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Are You Kidding Me? Senate Cheers Calderon

May 21, 2010

It’s one thing for the First Marxist in the White House to stand up next to the President of Mexico and denigrate our country. After his bowing to kings and dictators around the world and apologizing for anything our country has done we have come to expect his “America Sucks” attitude. However, he is our moron who won his seat behind the big desk and the right to read off the First Teleprompter fair and square and has the right to say what he wants.

It is another thing for the President of a third world dump which is run by drug cartels to come here and lecture us on our laws. Perhaps Jefe Calderon would like it if we adopted the same laws they have in Mexico to deal with illegal aliens. Here is what they do: They require them to carry papers, actively search for illegals, it is against the law for anyone without a permit to even apply for a job and if they are caught they are sent home. Of course the Hypocrite of the South doesn’t want us to have or enforce similar laws. Why? Billions of dollars are sent to Mexico each year from the U.S. which props up their shaky narco-economy.

If any American who watched the Democrats and a few RINO’s stand up and applaud this corrupt third world tinhorn wanna-be Chavez ever votes for a Democrat again then you deserve the country they are trying to lead us towards.

Then of course there is LA. Los Angeles is “boycotting” Arizona, except not really. Mayor Villaraigosa is just doing some grandstanding for those who don’t read or think too much. Has Los Angeles or any other place in California said they no longer would like folks from Arizona to come there on vacation? No! I heard a report recently that 25% of LA’s power is generated and purchased from Arizona. Will LA stop buying energy from Arizona? Don’t think so. I could go on but here is the real hypocrisy; there pompous elitists want to protect all the Arizona illegals from racism and harassment? Invite them to come to LA! Send a bunch of city buses over there to pick them up and bring them to the sanctuary of LA.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: “Unfriended” on Facebook for Being Conservative

May 17, 2010

Have any of you been dumped on Facebook for being racist, homophobic gun toting morons lately? Have some of your tolerant, diversity seeking “Progressive“friends tossed you under the bus for having the temerity to express a conservative opinion based on facts?

I got un-friended on Facebook a few months ago by comedienne Elaine Boosler. Out here in the real world I wasn’t really “friends” with Ms. Boosler. We had met a few times and I think we may have shared a stage or two somewhere along the way but that was it. Our Facebook friendship was almost as brief. When I disagreed with one of her political postings I was soon scratched from her “friend” roster. It seems that Ms. Boosler does not like to have her opinions challenged. She is one of many “Progressives” who believe in diversity of appearance but not of thought. Fair enough! You want to be narrow minded and intellectually lazy so you don’t have to defend your opinions that is your right as an American. Second in my mind only to the right to be as stupid as you want to be is the right to put your fingers in your ear when someone who disagrees with you is so rude as to start throwing facts at you.

A little more hurtful was another “progressive” friend who electronically dumped me last week. For many years when I lived in California I had supported this person artistically because I thought she was talented, and I still do. I helped her find gigs and talked her up to bookers and agents when I could.

 I got a terse message from this now former Facebook friend. The message was, “Go f#*@ yourself!” The reason for this dismissal; I expressed a conservative viewpoint in a comment to something she had posted. She had posted a negative message about Sean Hannity insulting Elena Kegan’s appearance. I posted back that I agreed that personal appearance attacks are lowbrow and said I hoped she was as vocal about her distaste for personal attacks when the left was doing it to Sarah Palin. My ex-friend said that there had never been and appearance based attacks on Ms. Palin, (I know, I know) and could I supply some links to back my position. I did with a link to the Letterman “slutty airline attendant” line. She posted back that that was just one example and when I when I took the discussion off the public board and sent here a personal message with several more links I got the GFY brush off.

This whole episode got me to thinking about the bigger question; what is the cost of being openly conservative in show business? A few years ago another friend who is a television producer told me about going to a meeting at a studio where a major “suit” went on for fifteen minutes during a creative meeting about Rush Limbaugh and how they would never hire anyone who listened to “that moron.”  My friend is a “closet conservative” and since he was in the middle of trying to make a deal at that studio he kept his mouth shut. Another friend has a job as a casting director on a show and is very careful never to express a political opinion even though many lunch discussions are strongly anti-conservative.

I look folks like Dennis Miller, a guy who I have admired for years, and Drew Carey and wonder what their brash conservativism has cost them. There used to be a cost if you were a drug addict or gay in Hollywood. Now those things are career boosters. A few years back when I was still in Hollywood some people would attend recovery group meeting to “network” with those there for help. Being seen at AA or CA was a career move. Does anyone think Ellen DeGeneres’ coming out has hurt her? I may not remember correctly but I seem to remember her sit-com was on life support until she came out on the show and on Oprah. I wouldn’t doubt if there were a few “ersatz” gays in Hollywood these days. Meanwhile if you are conservative or Republican in show business you better have a two bedroom closet because you are going to be there for awhile.

If you want to join my Facebook group for those dumped online for being too right!/group.php?gid=122238941127462&ref=ts follow this link and post your story.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hollywood Ignores Nashville Tragedy

May 9, 2010

A few years ago one of the most culturally significant cities in the United States ended up under water and millions of Americans rushed to her aid. A lot of conservatives and liberals joined church and civic groups and headed to The Big Easy to help rebuild the city. The Hollywood elites got in front of the cameras and opened their checkbooks, which was great. They also opened their mouths and unloaded on President Bush about his lack of action which I found a bit pompous and hypocritical. Now their hypocrisy has resurfaced. As a friend of mine in Nashville might say, “they have showed their ass.”

Nashville is drowning and Hollywood is nowhere to be found.  Country singer Julie Roberts has lost her home and yet Julia Roberts has yet to send help. Where are Brad Pitt and the rest of the Hollywood liberal elite who rightfully rushed into New Orleans now that culturally significant sites like The Grand Ole Opry and The Country Music Hall of Fame are under water? When will Bono write a song?

The President has yet to tour Nashville and given comfort to the American families hit by this disaster. So where is that rude fellow Kanye West? Why isn’t he on television proclaiming that the current President hates country folks since he has taken no real action to help Nashville? Why doesn’t he step up to take the mic from Taylor Swift again and match her $500,000 donation to the relief efforts?

To anyone who dares look at the ugly underbelly of the situation the answer is obvious: racism! You see the majority of the folks who have been affected by the flooding in Nashville and the surrounding areas are white. I am sure they are also perceived to be redneck hicks who might be conservatives by the Hollywood elites.

There are some relief efforts underway.  On Thursday evening, May 6, a group of country stars had a telethon on a local channel featuring Vince Gill, who was directly affected by the flooding, Keith Urban, Alison Krauss, Naomi Judd, Darius Rucker, Phil Vassar, Steve Wariner, Buddy Jewell, Lonestar, Bo Bice and Lee Roy Parnell. None of the major networks carried it live of course. I guess white folks drowning in rivers and being ignored by Obama isn’t as newsworthy as that evil George Bush. Perhaps the Obama Administration is still researching some way to blame this on Bush before making a statement.

Het where is Ashley Judd? I thought she was a country kind of girl?

Here is a link to Nashville station WKRN and a list of organizations helping with relief.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Please Join Shakira’s Boycott!

May 5, 2010

Pop singer Shakira is boycotting the State of Arizona.  I know, horrible news if you’re an Arizona rancher near the border or a construction worker standing in an unemployment line. Since your state has actually tried to do something about the illegal immigration problem you will not be able to enjoy the sweet sounds of Ms. Ripoll shimmying half naked to “Hips Don’t Lie,” live in concert. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing that sort of thing but not if it includes a lecture on social justice.

For those of you who, like me, are counted among the tragically un-hip, Shakira is a singer from Columbia and huge star in the Latin music world. If one were a cynical racist you might begin to see some economic motive in her opposition to the United States enforcing its immigration laws. However Ms. Ripoll has some serious bone fides in the area of human rights. Her own country, Columbia, is the worldwide beacon for justice and law enforcement. A cynic may also wonder why she isn’t down in Columbia working on their border problem with Venezuela. Maybe she is still angry about that whole thing where we stole Panama from them back in the early part of the last century.

I have to give Shakira credit for her charity work in Columbia. She has a foundation which supports education for poor girls in her native land. In fact she is such a great philanthropist that she has an entire section on her official website detailing her good works and awards. She was recently awarded a medal by the U. N. for her work, the same group which recently elected Iran to its committee on the status of women.  I wonder if she sees and irony in that?

Shakira was joined in her protest by former celebrity Linda Ronstadt and several other minor liberal luminaries. This whole boycott thing has got me to thinking that this may be a way create liberal free zones. If you could get control of a state government and pass a number of laws that did things liberals hate like support the Constitution, stop abortion on demand and insist you own a gun you might be able to get all liberals to boycott your state. Just imagine a place where Bill Maher and Al Franken would never show up. You may say I‘m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Now excuse me while I go listen to Shakira’s uplifting and empowering “Oral Fixations.”