The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sign, Sign Everwhere A Sign!

I was driving on the interstate a couple of months ago and near a construction zone I saw a sign announcing that this traffic lane closure was due to the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”  It was a large 60” X 60” green sign with white lettering and two neat logos. I thought it was a little odd since the ARRA had passed only a few weeks earlier and the reconstruction of the sixty mile section of I-75 had been planned and started two years before. “Obama propaganda,” I thought and let it go.

The next time I saw one of the signs it had a small 12” X 60” orange strip with a diamond at one end added to the top of the sign. In the diamond was a man with a shovel and the sign said, “Putting America Back to Work.” It seems the original sign was too subtle for someone in the Administration and the orange part was added to bring the message home. Shovel ready jobs, get it! How you put people back to work who were already working I don’t know but I thought maybe these were some of the “saved jobs” the president was claiming.

Last week a little road project was started near my house fixing up an old bridge. I noticed there were four signs, one from every direction you approached the construction, announcing the largess of the Federal Government. I started thinking about how many of these sign must be displayed around the country. Within fifteen minutes drive of my house I count at least eleven. Let’s just guess that in my state there might be 750 road projects underway. With an estimate of just two sign per project that means in my state there 1500 of these signs. Multiply that by fifty states and we have 75,000 signs. At approximately $750 for sign and hardware like posts and bolts that means we have somewhere in the neighborhood of $57 million in signs.

So the other day I was driving down the road and a neighbor had added yet another sign! Well said, neighbor!


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