The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Glenn, That Was a Close One!

As a right-wing nut job I am bound by the 11th commandment of Ronald Reagan which is: Never be too harsh on a fellow right-wing nut job. Yesterday I almost had to break that commandment.

As a fan of The Glenn Beck Show” I was a little stunned when two days ago he announced that he was going to devote the entire hour on Tuesday to an interview with Eric Massa, left-wing nut job and serial gropper of male employees.

Massa seemed to be a nut job- full stop! He seemed to me to be a guy who had gone off the rails, forget the political mileage that could be made by his wacky charges. Without any prof he seemed like a guy who was playing a huge game of CYA.

That Glenn would have him on made me thing that he had also gone off the deep end. That the usually funny and informative “Glenn Beck Show” might have jumped the shark.  So I watched the hour just in case Massa said anything that made sense or was provable. For an hour he ranted and huffed but it was all smoke without even the benefit of a mirror. Nothing credible except maybe the “Rham in the Shower,” which I find believable but it was unwitnessed.

 My temperature was rising  and I was  getting tired of Massa’s non-answers to Glenn’s questions while Mr. Beck let Massa do his dance. At the end Mr. Beck apologized to his audience for wasting an hour of our time! That was the only thing worth watching in the entire hour!


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