The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: “Fat it’s the New Smoking, The Sequel” Starring Kevin Smith

A few weeks ago writer/director Kevin Smith was thrown off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat to fit into a single seat easily. He was on his way home from Northern California and had paid for two seats on his outbound flight but according to reports I have read there weren’t two seats available on the return. This brings up a lot of questions like why is Kevin Smith flying coach on Southwest. Doesn’t he have someone to book his flights for him and why didn’t he reserve two homebound seats when he booked? The inefficiencies of Mr. Smith and his staff , however is not my point.

I am ignorant of a lot of things but I try to hide that when I can. My dad told me that a lot of people might think you’re stupid but only you can open your mouth and show them they are right. Ms. Laura Washington, who writes for the Chicago Sun Times, a daily tabloid might want to write that down. In a recent attack piece on writer/director Kevin Smith she starts by confessing that she has never heard of Mr. Smith. Now, that would be alright if she were a seventy year old nun from Evanston but this woman is a writer for a major daily newspaper in a major American city!  We all laugh when Jay Leno or Sean Hannety do man-on-the-street interviews and someone doesn’t know Joe Biden or Lady Gaga but how can a reporter on a major daily newspaper not know a major Hollywood figure?

Then she proceeds to attack him as a publicity hungry person who is trying to rise from his “obscurity” on a wave of his fat. She urges him to quit being comfortable with his “girth.” She goes on to deride a civil rights group that works for “fat acceptance.”  Fat, that Ms. Washington claims will kill him. I have an ugly message for Ms. Washington: something is going to kill all of us. I don’t know Ms. Washington but I am going to play Kreskin for a minute and guess she is a “progressive,”, ”liberal” or whatever label big brother loving health Nazis are calling themselves this week.

I make this guess for two reasons. First, is that Ms. Washington is swimming in the granddaddy of all Progressive myths: You are too stupid to run your own life and they know what is best for you. Second, is that she is unaware of the greatest of all American freedoms: We have the right to be as stupid as we want to be! If I want to eat Big Macs three times a day 365 days a year and the only exercise I get is handing my money to the person at the drive thru window that’s my business! If you want to eat tofu and sprouts and wear hemp underwear to your to yoga class more power to ya! Isn’t that what is really great about America?

You know what obscurity is Ms. Washington? Making your career writing for a dying, old media, left-wing, newspaper. Combine that with a touch of hubris and a dash of stupidity and you get progressive thought and behavior police telling a successful, well-known Hollywood director/writer Kevin Smith how to live his life. Mike Royko is rolling over on his grave.


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: “Fat it’s the New Smoking, The Sequel” Starring Kevin Smith

  1. Patrick MacKinnon says:

    Stumbled upon your website while net trolling. I like it. By calling it a VRWC you take the wind out of the sails of the critics who would dearly love to uncover such a plot. I can go around saying there is a VRWC and invite my left wing acquaintances to check it out for themselves.
    Keep it up.

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