The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Bunning Gives Reid The Brushback!

If you are a conservative and you believe in limited government you have to love what Kentucky Senator and Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Bunning is doing.

He has thrown the Dumbocrats a little chin music and they are too weak and lazy to rush the mound.

If you aren’t up on this let me bring you up to speed. As a sign they were “serious” about reducing spending the Democrat Congress along with a few Republicans pass a measure known as “Pay-Go.” It simply means that if you pass a spending measure you have to show how you are going to pay for it. 

OK, not a bad idea. Sen. Bunning thought the bill was a load of manure and so didn’t vote for it. So, when the first new spending bill came up in the Senate, an extension of unemployment benefits with a rider to further limit what doctors can get from Medicare the Senate also voted to bypass the recent “Pay-Go” legislation because this was an “emergency!”

Sen Bunning thought that at that rate you could just decide everything was an emergency and is holding up the legislation.

Harry Reid and his “progressive” friends have a wedgie the size of Texas and are screaming bloody murder. I think that the vast majority of Americans love this move by Sen Bunning. Let him and Reid know you support Sen. Bunning and think all spending should be curtailed by at least 10% today!

Strike one Senator Reid! Step back in the box if you’re man enough to take another pitch from Big Jim!


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