The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Price of Anything

I was looking for a little gift for my wife for Valentine’s Day last week. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that is exclusive for women. Let me let you ladies in on a little secret that your man won’t tell you; for men Valentine’s Day is exactly the same holiday as Halloween. It’s a day where you have to dress up and pretend you’re someone you’re not and then you give away candy.

Anyway I was away working so I went to and ordered the $19.99 special for a dozen roses. I had called a local florist back home and was quoted a price of $40. I figured I would save the $20 and go with the online option. Let me jump ahead a click or two, when I get to the end of the buying my total after delivery, tax and several other “fees’ is more than the 40 bucks I could have gotten from my hometown guy.

There are a lot of things like that these days. Ever rent a car? You get a price of $19 a day then add in all the fees and local taxes to pay for the pro football stadium and your rate has doubled. God forbid you opt for the insurance or GPS, then your three day rental begins to resemble a monthly payment for on a Lexis. If you get sucked into buying the gas in advance you also get the privilege of buying several gallons of gas for the rental company.

Why are most airlines still charging me for bags? Wasn’t that a fuel surcharge added when oil was $150 a barrel? Now that oil is hovering around a little less than half of that shouldn’t the “fuel/bag” charge go away or at least be lowered? Here is the kicker, if you carry the same bag onto the plane there is no charge. How does that save fuel? Can’t the airline just roll the bag charge into the ticket price? What are you supposed to do, go on vacation without a bag? What if you go to Vegas and lose all you money. Are you supposed to leave your luggage behind?

There aren’t many good things about Europe but at least when you go into a store and the price tag says 3 Euros, its 3 Euros. The taxes and other fees are rolled into the price. Maybe instead of bringing Euro-socialism to us Mr. Obama could give us some Euro-pricing first.


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