The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy will be back tomorrow with a new blog article

Today enjoy this cartoon from our friends at The Sales Whisperer





2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

  1. Ed says:

    you’re a f*cking moron, Jena

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Dear Ed, First, thanks for reading my moronic blog! You may be correct I might be a moron. Thank you for pointing it out to the thousands who read my stuff here and on Big Hollywood,Big Goverment and Big Journalism every week. Let me try to guess other you may consider morons, Sarah Palin, George Bush, George Will, Glenn Beck, Rush, Dr. Michael Savage, Condi Rice, Mitt Romney? I could go on but if that is your idea of stupid I will gladly garb a big pointy hat and stand in the middle of that group while you worship at the altar of leftist genius and pay homage to Castro, Marx, Mao, Pelosi, Reid et al. Thank you for the compliment! Keep reading. BTW the post you object to so strongly wasn’t mine just a repost of a cartoon I liked. All the best.

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