The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Bailouts, Buyouts, and Conan’s Millions

Imagine there was a bank, you know those evil fat cat bankers the Obama Administration loves to hold up as the economic boogeyman, that had taken a large piece of financial backing from The Federal Government. Before I get going here why is it that Mr. Obama wants to make sure there are no banks that are too big to fail but doesn’t feel the same about car companies. Could it be that car companies have union employees whose bosses funnel hundreds of millions from their member’s dues to the Democrat Party?

Now imagine that there was a guy working at the bank for 17 years who was a rising star in the financial world. He gets a big promotion after the bailout of his bank. Suddenly he isn’t performing so well. The profits in his division are down. He has a contract but because times are tough and the guy’s falling performance the bank gives him the ax. The guy makes a big stink and demands that if he is going to be replaced the bank has to buy out his contract. The bank offers him 30 million dollars to take a hike.

That isn’t good enough the guy says. Not only does he want his money but since he is being let go a lot of his staff will also lose their jobs so he demands another 12 million so they all have a soft landing. The bank says “ok” and pays out the money.

How do you think the Obama Administration would have reacted? What do you think the coverage of this event would have been in the mainstream media? I think there would have been all sorts of outrage in the press and on TV. I think every leftie from President Obama to Nancy Pelosi to David Axelrod would be screaming about getting our money back from these thieves.

So why is nobody screaming about the huge failure bonus being paid with our money to Conan O‘Brian? That is exactly what the money NBC paid to O’Brian is; a huge golden parachute for failing on the Tonight Show. More importantly, its money from the people of the United States he is getting. I wish I had a blackboard so I could go a little Glenn Beck on you but follow me for a minute.  

NBC, National Barrack Communications, and its other so called news outlets like MSNBC are a part of General Electric. General Electric is run by Obama loyalist and advisor Jeffrey Immelt, who until recently allowed GE to continue to do business with Iran through middlemen as documented by Bill O’Reilly.  General Electric, as part of the economic bailout, received billions in loan guarantees for its GE Capital division.  So why no Obama outrage over a company that took our money paying out huge dough to an under performer? Why no Tim Geithner or Larry Summers demanding that salaries at GE and its subsidiaries be kept to $500,000?

Imagine Mr. O’Brian had a real job.  Perhaps at a bank or one of those evil Healthcare Insurance companies the current administration loves to demonize and he dropped the business by half when he took over. Would the President and his friends be alright with him walking with a huge payout? Why is it cool to honor Mr. O’Brian’s contract but not the contracts of hundreds of bankers and other Wall Street employees who actually made money for their employers?

My theory is that like AIG and GM, Conan was too big to fail!


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