The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherry Brown Comes Out From Under His Rock

The new “Most Liberal” , I’m sorry, “Most Progressive” Senator Sherry Brown has crawled out from under his rock to get a ride on Air Force One . Senator Brown was seen today getting off of AF One in Cleveland to accompany the President on a quick tour of Northern Ohio.

He and the President formerly known as “The One” are attending several “safe” events in Senator Brown’s one time congressional district. Strange the Senator who is in big trouble at home come 2012 would attach him to the President who just put the last nail in the coffin of Martha Coakley. But that’s how these “Progressives” are, blind as well as tone-deaf.

The coward Brown only shows up at well controlled events where he will not have to face any serious questioning from Ohioans. I am sure Sherry will be touting “green” jobs and spouting other far left non-ideas.   No doubt after the rejection on Tuesday neither one of these bozos will be talking health care. Now they have a new boogeyman “Banks Too Big To Fail”  Not a word will be said about “Car Companies To Big To Fail.”  If banks had union employees they too would be beyond reform.  No doubt there will be hundred of union dupes in the audiences who aren’t aware that these two want to legalize millions of illegals to take their jobs and drive their ages and benefits down. Their union bosses pay along to keep their nice offices and limo rides They don’t care if the dues is coming from the workers who built the union or the new guys from the south.

I hope the Community College in Loraine is hiring some adjunct faculty in November 2012. I would hate to see Sherry down at the unemployment line with the folks he helped put out of work.


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