The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Bailouts, Buyouts, and Conan’s Millions

January 27, 2010

Imagine there was a bank, you know those evil fat cat bankers the Obama Administration loves to hold up as the economic boogeyman, that had taken a large piece of financial backing from The Federal Government. Before I get going here why is it that Mr. Obama wants to make sure there are no banks that are too big to fail but doesn’t feel the same about car companies. Could it be that car companies have union employees whose bosses funnel hundreds of millions from their member’s dues to the Democrat Party?

Now imagine that there was a guy working at the bank for 17 years who was a rising star in the financial world. He gets a big promotion after the bailout of his bank. Suddenly he isn’t performing so well. The profits in his division are down. He has a contract but because times are tough and the guy’s falling performance the bank gives him the ax. The guy makes a big stink and demands that if he is going to be replaced the bank has to buy out his contract. The bank offers him 30 million dollars to take a hike.

That isn’t good enough the guy says. Not only does he want his money but since he is being let go a lot of his staff will also lose their jobs so he demands another 12 million so they all have a soft landing. The bank says “ok” and pays out the money.

How do you think the Obama Administration would have reacted? What do you think the coverage of this event would have been in the mainstream media? I think there would have been all sorts of outrage in the press and on TV. I think every leftie from President Obama to Nancy Pelosi to David Axelrod would be screaming about getting our money back from these thieves.

So why is nobody screaming about the huge failure bonus being paid with our money to Conan O‘Brian? That is exactly what the money NBC paid to O’Brian is; a huge golden parachute for failing on the Tonight Show. More importantly, its money from the people of the United States he is getting. I wish I had a blackboard so I could go a little Glenn Beck on you but follow me for a minute.  

NBC, National Barrack Communications, and its other so called news outlets like MSNBC are a part of General Electric. General Electric is run by Obama loyalist and advisor Jeffrey Immelt, who until recently allowed GE to continue to do business with Iran through middlemen as documented by Bill O’Reilly.  General Electric, as part of the economic bailout, received billions in loan guarantees for its GE Capital division.  So why no Obama outrage over a company that took our money paying out huge dough to an under performer? Why no Tim Geithner or Larry Summers demanding that salaries at GE and its subsidiaries be kept to $500,000?

Imagine Mr. O’Brian had a real job.  Perhaps at a bank or one of those evil Healthcare Insurance companies the current administration loves to demonize and he dropped the business by half when he took over. Would the President and his friends be alright with him walking with a huge payout? Why is it cool to honor Mr. O’Brian’s contract but not the contracts of hundreds of bankers and other Wall Street employees who actually made money for their employers?

My theory is that like AIG and GM, Conan was too big to fail!


The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherry Brown Comes Out From Under His Rock

January 22, 2010

The new “Most Liberal” , I’m sorry, “Most Progressive” Senator Sherry Brown has crawled out from under his rock to get a ride on Air Force One . Senator Brown was seen today getting off of AF One in Cleveland to accompany the President on a quick tour of Northern Ohio.

He and the President formerly known as “The One” are attending several “safe” events in Senator Brown’s one time congressional district. Strange the Senator who is in big trouble at home come 2012 would attach him to the President who just put the last nail in the coffin of Martha Coakley. But that’s how these “Progressives” are, blind as well as tone-deaf.

The coward Brown only shows up at well controlled events where he will not have to face any serious questioning from Ohioans. I am sure Sherry will be touting “green” jobs and spouting other far left non-ideas.   No doubt after the rejection on Tuesday neither one of these bozos will be talking health care. Now they have a new boogeyman “Banks Too Big To Fail”  Not a word will be said about “Car Companies To Big To Fail.”  If banks had union employees they too would be beyond reform.  No doubt there will be hundred of union dupes in the audiences who aren’t aware that these two want to legalize millions of illegals to take their jobs and drive their ages and benefits down. Their union bosses pay along to keep their nice offices and limo rides They don’t care if the dues is coming from the workers who built the union or the new guys from the south.

I hope the Community College in Loraine is hiring some adjunct faculty in November 2012. I would hate to see Sherry down at the unemployment line with the folks he helped put out of work.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hollywood’s Top Five Underrated Actor /Tough Guys

January 21, 2010


I just finished voting for the Screen Actors Guild awards and after wading through the five “screeners” they sent me I started wondering about the leading men of today. In this day of confused metro sexual male stars one might wonder where have all the real men gone. 

 Look at the leading men of today. When I saw Leonardo DiCaprio as a tough guy in “Gangs of New York” I wasn’t sure if it was a drama or a comedy. Matt Damon isn’t too bad but I‘m not convinced he could take a punch. I like Bill Pullman but he looks like he is always on the verge of breaking into tears. George Clooney, please, my sister could throw him down and twist him up like a pretzel.

Here are my top five unrecognized real men of filmdom. I skipped the obvious choices like The Duke and Clint and went for some guys who are well known but not often looked at as Alpha dogs. Can you imagine any of these guys sitting in anything but a leather barber chair? Can you see any of them wondering if they should get frosted tips or a mani-pedi? Just being a tough guys wasn’t enough for my list they also had to have the craft of acting down too!

Even modern actors who seem to know their way around a good street fight like Vin Diesel and The Rock don’t have the acting chops that a lot of the classic tough guys did.  What’s that, Chuck Norris, Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme? I like Chuck’s politics and Segal’s new reality show has promise but please don’t waste my time trying to convince me that those guys wouldn’t wilt under the steely eyed stare of any of the five guys in my list. Hum… Five Guys, while you’re reading I’m stepping out for a burger.

5 Richard Roundtree  

One word -Shaft! They say this cat is a bad mother….and he is! Richard is a New Yorker, football player and manly enough to beat a rare form of male breast cancer.

4 Lee Marvin  

One of my favorite all time movie bad guys is Liberty Valence. So much pure evil without a hint of any redeeming social value he could have been a Democrat. He served in World War two and was wounded in the battle of Saipan. He would have been higher on my list but I have talked to a few people who knew him and he was apparently a pretty nasty guy in real life. They invented the word “palimony” for this guy.

3 Charles Bronson 

From The Magnificent Seven to his series of Death Wish films he was a man of few words. He hung in with wife Jill Ireland as she suffered through cancer. That’s a man!  

2 Edward G Robinson

The real OG! From being Little Caesar Rico to the evil Dathan and then slapping down a straight flush on fellow tough guy Steve McQueen in the “Cincinnati Kid” nobody was more the quintessential American tough guy than Eddie G.  Not bad for a Jewish kid from Romania!

1  Denzel Washington  

The epitome of the modern strong silent type. Who else could play Malcolm X, the rogue cop in Training Day, a stoic naval officer and a tort lawyer and make them all sympathetic? I can’t wait to see the Book of Eli. My favorite Denzel tough guy line is when as Detective Keith Frazier in “Inside Job” he enters a restaurant and the maître d asked him, “May I have your hat?”  He comes back with, “No get your own!” Shades of Philip Marlow!

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Just a Joke

January 20, 2010

Obama on the Scott Brown victory: “It’s all Bush’s fault!”

What an excellent gift for the President on his one year anniversary in office. A reminder that he promised to unite us and lead from the center. His mask is off and the vast majority of the people do not like what they see.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Right on the Rise, Massachusetts

January 18, 2010

Tomorrow in the State of Massachusetts the end of the Obama Era begins.

The race is tighter than a circus fat man wearing a 36 inch belt. The winning margin will be  razor thin and I believe Scott Brown will prevail. He may lose but the fact that a Republican unknown can even make a serious challenge in The Socialist Republic of Kennedy/Kerry is ringing through the halls of Congress as the reaper calls to bring out the dead. Many left wing congressmen who ran on centerist platforms and are voting for the Pelosi/Obama agenda are phoning headhunters and updating their resumes.

Reid is finished in Nevada. Boxer is in trouble in California! Deleware and Conneticut may elect Conservative in November.

Hope and Change are coming but they aren’t the changes Obama promised. Just like we needed Jimmy Carter to get to Ronald Reagan we needed BHO to get to the next wave of conservative leadership.

My only question is who wll rise from the right to lead us? My guess is it is not someone with a big profile on the national scene today.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Art Cowards

January 16, 2010


The left has a long tradition of bowing down to dictators and others they fear. No, I am not talking about President Obama stooping to kings and other foreign leaders. That is just another example of a long tradition of silliness that is often seen from liberals. What I am talking about is how many on the left live in fear. They try to mask it as respect or cultural reverence but it is fear.

The latest example comes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  It seems that these liberal defenders of the freedom of artistic expression, who would never listen to a conservative complaint about a display, have removed a number of depictions of Mohammad from the collection formerly known as the Islamic Galleries. The name “Islamic Galleries” has been changed “Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran Central Asia and Later South Asia.” Man, that is a mouthful!

Why the changes at the Met? Simple, the people in charge know that Islamic Fundamentalists don’t fool around. If they ask you to remove a drawing of Mohammed because they find any depiction of the founder of their religion objectionable, you take it down or face a fatwa. Think I’m wrong? Ask your local Danish Cartoonist or Dutch filmmaker about artistic tolerance under Islam. The folks running the Met are attached to their heads and know how to take a hint. There will be no long court battle or Constitutional challenge raised.

This is not reverence for culture or religions. It is fear of reprisal by an Islamic Extremist. Imagine the Met gets to display some Mapplethorpe photos or perhaps the infamous Piss Christ. I, as a right wing conservative, ask them to consider my religious and cultural values and take the display down.  I get laughed out of the office. Why? Because the guy giving the sermon down at St. Patrick’s isn’t going to try to get one of his more fervent followers to walk up 5th Avenue and cut your head off.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: All Politics is Local

January 11, 2010

This is an article I submitted to my local paper in reference to my ciies ongoing search to find a new superintendent of schools.

Middletown School Board: Mission Accomplished?

After seven months and $30,000 what do we have for candidates for the position of Superintendent of our schools? We have one seemingly nice guy from Kansas. Mr. Greg Rasmussen. Where does that leave our schools? The best option with which the citizens were presented with by our “search experts” and the School Board has taken another job. The other “suitable candidate” withdrew after it came to light that he was Mansfield’s version of Steve Price.

I attended the community forum on Friday evening and learned of Dr. Martin’s withdrawal from the process when I arrived. I asked two of our board members if those in attendance might have a chance to question Mr. Rasmussen but was politely told that the community’s input would be limited to filling out cards. Apparently, the only input the School Board wants from the community is financial. I owe Mrs. Andrew an apology for my tone in our conversation got a little heated after she suggested that voting against future levies would hurt our students. My feeling is that the conduct of the Board is hurting our students and that voting against levies is the only way citizens have to show the depth of our displeasure with their direction.  

I listened to what Mr. Rasmussen had to say and let me try to sum it up for those who couldn’t attend. He’s for building good relationship, building trust and working together! He doesn’t know a lot about our schools but should be up to speed somewhere between three to five months into the job.

Is there anybody out there against building good relationship? Anybody want to be against working together and building trust? Good! Now that we’re all on the same page let me ask a question or two. If you were going to interview for a job you wanted would you do a little research before you arrived? Would you know why the last person in your position left? Have some knowledge of past problems in the job? Would you have some information on the problems in the schools? Perhaps you might even have a few suggestions on the budget after having looked at it before a meeting with community members.

If you were interviewing someone for a job and in the interview they said, “I don’t know a lot about your company or its problems but if you give me three to five months I should be up to speed and ready to go,” would you hire them? If I had to take a chance on Mr. Rasmussen I suppose we could do worse but is that what we want for our schools?

There is another option, demand a refund from our search firm and do the job ourselves like we should have in the first place. The school board should form a committee of parents, voters and teachers to review applications and recommend several new candidates to the board. This could be done out in the open and with no back room dealing. Then the Board and the public can interview and hire a new superintendent from the committee selections. If the Board would like an internet and background search on anyone they want to consider I’ll do it on my laptop and it won’t cost them 30 grand.