The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Law and Order, My Two Cents

I’ve noticed a lot of my brothers and sisters on the right are up in arms at Law and Order especially the SVU brand after last week’s episode. I did not see the whole episode in question but did see a clip where a character played by John Larroquette mentions three well known conservative talk show hosts and calls them a cancer on the land.

Before I get rolling, in the spirit of full disclosure I will admit to being a Law and Order junkie. My DVR is full of my favorite Law and Order: Criminal Intent episodes, which is by far the strongest of the three series. I will also admit that in my mind Law and Order: SVU is to the Law and Order brand what Deep Space Nine was to the Star Trek brand. It is a weak cousin that may have been spreading the brand a little too thin.

I know I have said this before, as a conservative if you start only watching and listening only to things you agree with politically then we are stuck with Magnum P.I. reruns, the 700 Club and Toby Keith CDs. I was just about to type the word “records” but I remembered this is the 21st century. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those choices, I just want a wider selection.

So, back to Law and Order, a lot of the chatter I have been hearing is true. Yes, Dick Wolf and a lot of other Hollywood types are far left politically. Yes, they often put their politics into their work, many times without balance. Yes, it is unfair that they verbally smack Bill O’Reilly and others around and misrepresents their positions. This week’s episode of Law and Order had some material that I found more offensive than a little name calling. The show which was a riff on the Big Hollywood expose of ACORN.  First the police use an unlawful search and seizure against a “conservative” guy because he doesn’t bow to their demands to be questioned. Later in the episode, every time Detective Lupo, played by Jeremy Sisto asks him a question he mocks his political beliefs by pretending he is talking to “the government” on his cell phone. When the “conservative’s” friends  show up to protest his wrongful arrest they are depicted as a group of gun toting, flannel shirt wearing, poorly educated, red necks. Yep, that’s me alright.  

The question is this; how should conservatives react to this? I think we should take a page from the playbook of the far left and try to bring some economic pressure to bear on the advertisers of NBC. The left has started strong campaigns against both Dr. Michael Savage and Glenn Beck trying to silence them by hurting them economically. There was even the recent laughable “revelation” that Glenn Beck gets paid by his sponsor Goldline. So let’s try to do the same. Here are two big ad buyers on NBC; McDonalds and American Express. Let’s start by dropping an e-mail to both companies politely asking them to stop buying ads on NBC and see what kind of response we get.


4 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Law and Order, My Two Cents

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Hmmm, why not buy a network and movie company and compete? It could be financed by selling anti-left wing tee shirts, bumper stickers etc. I can see some movie tittles – Heinrick Holder and the Black Cat Gestapo, Somewhere over the Dopey Kos, RobinObama and his band of merry communists. There’s no end.

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