The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hey, I’m Workin’ Here!

I want to say I ‘m sorry to all of my regular readers. It’s been a slow week for posting because I have been traveling like a crazy man tryng to make a living. There has been a to of great fodder for The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Tiger, Obama, Barbara Walters and a ton more. I’ll be back on Monday with a nerw post but just a few random thoughts.

I don’t know what it is about Jenny Sanford, soon to be ex-wife of The South Carolina Governor and a guy who looks at Tiger and says, “Hey , at least I only had one.”  Every time she is in the news my hits spike up like a punk hair do. I like Mrs. Sanford and will be writing about her again soon. When it comes to the Sanford family it’s isn’t hard to see who is the brains of the outfit. 

I am sure that the stoic Mrs. Sanford saw the Tiger Woods story and thought, only thought, ” A five iron, noice touch Elin!”

Here is the real scoop and a piece of insanty. Last night while I was driving from ABQ out to Gallup New Mexico to do a show my phone rang. It was my good friend and major force in the Christian comedy market Jeff Allen. He proposed that we run the Music City Marathon together in NAshville at the end of April as a fund raiser for breast cancer charity Gilda’s Club.

Those who have met me recently might be suprised by this but I have run LA seven times but the last time was 11 years ago. But I said ok and so on Monday I start training. What was I thinking!


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