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December 28, 2009

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 fby Frances Rice

The far left is not happy with President Barack Obama, their Messiah. 

“Now I’m Really Getting Pissed Off” is an article by David Michael Green, a progressive professor at Hofstra University in New York, that provides a devastatingly negative critique of Obama and his economy-wrecking policies, including his disastrous healthcare reform legislation. Below is the text of his article. Professor Green’s occasional Republican whack with his anti-capitalism club pales in comparison to his shocking blow to Obama’s socialist solar plexus, using the same type of rhetorical bludgeon. As one of our grassroots activists, Dan, wrote: “We live in really bizarre times”.

Although the article is a view from the far left, it shows that liberals are finally realizing the danger posed to our nation by the inept Obama and out-of-control Democrats in Congress. What took liberals so long to wake up from their Obama-worship stupor?

Now that progressives/liberals are starting to remove their rose-colored Obama glasses, is there any possibility they will also take off their socialist blinders? If they did, then we might witness an abrupt halt to their quest to turn our country into a failed socialist nation. Sadly, though, the brains of progressives/liberals may be so marinated in socialist dogma they may never understand socialism is like a Vampire that sucks the blood out of an economy, forever turning a nation into the “living” dead, like Cuba and North Korea.

Please Note: In his article, Professor Green also continues to promulgate the Democratic Party’s false version of civil rights history while we, in the NBRA, are working hard to set the civil rights record straight. History shows that it was Republicans, not Democrats, who championed civil rights for blacks. For details see our NBRA Civil Rights Newsletter that is posted on our website.

Frances Rice is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, a lawyer and chairman of the National Black Republican Association.  She may be contacted at:  www.NBRA.Info 

Now I’m Really Getting Pissed Off


Hey did you hear about the iconic African-American guy who plays golf, and whose relationship with the public is in a free-fall lately?

No, as a matter of fact – I’m not talking about Tiger Woods.

You know, I’ve really been trying not to write an article every other week about all the things I don’t like about Barack Obama.

But the little prick is making it very hard.

Like any good progressive, I’ve gone from admiration to hope to disappointment to anger when it comes to this president. Now I’m fast getting to rage.

How much rage? I find myself thinking that the thing I want most from the 2010 elections is for his party to get absolutely clobbered, even if that means a repeat of 1994. And that what I most want from 2012 is for him to be utterly humiliated, even if that means President Palin at the helm. That much rage.

Did this clown really say on national television that “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of you know, fat cat bankers on Wall Street”?

Really, Barack? So, like, my question is: Then why the hell did you help out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street? Why the hell did you surround yourself with nothing but Robert Rubin proteges in all the key economic positions in your government? Why did you allow them to open a Washington branch of Goldman Sachs in the West Wing? Why have your policies been tailored to helping Wall Street bankers, rather than the other 300 million of us, who just happen to be suffering badly right now?

Are you freakin’ kidding me? What’s up with the passive president routine, anyhow, Fool? You hold the most powerful position in the world. Or maybe Rahm forgot to mention that to you. Or maybe the fat cat bankers don’t actually let do that whole decision-making thing often enough that it would actually matter…

But, really, are you going to spend the next three interminable years perfecting your whiney victim persona? I don’t really think I could bear that. Hearing you complain about how rough it all is, when you have vastly more power than any of us to fix it? Please. Not that.

Are you going to tell us that “I did not run for office to be shovel-feeding the military-industrial complex”? But what – they’re just so darned pushy?

“…I did not run for office to continue George Bush’s valiant effort at shredding the Bill of Rights. It’s just that those government-limiting rules are so darned pesky.”

“…I did not run for office to dump a ton of taxpayer money into the coffers of health insurance companies. It’s just that they asked so nicely.”

“…I did not run for office to block equality for gay Americans. I just never got around to doing anything about it.”

“…I did not run for office to turn Afghanistan into Vietnam. I just didn’t want to say no to all the nice generals asking for more troops.”

Here’s a guy who was supposed to actually do something with his presidency, and he’s turned into the skinny little geek on Cell Block D who gets passed around like a rag doll for the pleasure of all the fellas with the tattoos there. He’s being punked by John Boehner, for chrisakes. He’s being rolled by the likes of Joe Lieberman. He calls a come-to-Jesus meeting with Wall Street bank CEOs, and half of them literally phone it in. Everyone from Bibi Netanyahu to the Japanese prime minister to sundry Iranian mullahs is stomping all over Mr. Happy.

And he doesn’t even seem to realize it.

Did you see him tell Oprah that he gave himself “a good solid B+” for his first year in office? And that it will be an A, if he gets his healthcare legislation passed?

Somebody please pick me up and set me back on my chair, wouldya?

I am seriously beginning to worry that this cat is delusional. He has lopped off twenty full points from his job approval rating in less than a year’s time, falling now below fifty percent. His party, once dominant in generic congressional election poll questions, is today almost even with hated Republicans in the public mind. Last month, Obama’s inverted coattails (don’t even ask where those go) got two Democrats clobbered running for governor in New Jersey and Virginia. The otherwise obnoxious George F. Will (very) rightly points out that in Kentucky, “a Republican candidate succeeded in nationalizing a state Senate race. Hugely outspent in a district in which Democrats have a lopsided registration advantage, the Republican won by 12 points a seat in Frankfort by running against Washington”. Wow. Obama is now wrecking state senate races! What’s next? Will local Republican candidates for sheriff win office just by opposing the embarrassment in the White House who chooses abysmal policies and then refuses to fight for them, lest he should ruffle any feathers?

“For Democrats, the red flags are flying at full mast,” said Democratic pollster Peter Hart in a recent AP article. “What we don’t know for certain is: Have we reached a bottoming-out point?”

Au contraire, Peter. Au contraire. I think anyone more sentient than a newborn amoeba can answer that question. The first thing to note is that the economy is not coming back anytime soon, if it comes back at all. Unless, of course, you’re a fat cat Wall Street banker. Then you’re just fine, because the Bush-Obama administration took care of you quite nicely, thanks very much. The rest of us poor slobs out here in real-world land, on the other hand, got a “jobs summit”.

I can’t even begin to describe how insulting Obama conducting a “jobs summit” is to me, or what an unbelievably ham-fisted piece of public relations that was for the White House, which is increasingly showing itself not just to be sickeningly regressive, but also fully inept. I think I speak for a whole lot of Americans when I say that, one year into his stewardship over a destroyed economy that was actually atomizing for at least six months before inauguration day, I don’t want my president sitting around a table, running a dog-and-pony show, pretending to kick around ideas on how to generate jobs. I wanted him to have those ideas, himself, before he was inaugurated. I wanted those to be real ideas, that produce real jobs for real Americans who are really hurting. I wanted that to be, and still be, the be-all and end-all of his presidency, not some distant fourth-place priority, behind healthcare and the White House dog selection process. And, especially not some fourth-place priority behind jive healthcare reform.

Which brings us to the second answer to Mr. Hart’s question. If Democrats think they’ll be screwed next November because of unemployment, wait till Congress passes this healthcare monstrosity. Or doesn’t. At this point, either way they’re gonna get slammed for it, and rightly so.

If they don’t pass anything, they will be seen as unable to govern. This perception will be quite true because they will have failed to pass a major piece of legislation, despite having 60-40 majorities in both houses of Congress and control of the presidency. It doesn’t get much better than that for a governing party in the American system. But it will be true in an even more profound sense, because the whole priority structure of the Democratic agenda is wrong. Sure, people want healthcare reform right now (especially if it were to miraculously also have the virtue of being authentic healthcare reform), but what they really want, overwhelmingly, is jobs. This choice of priorities is the equivalent of, say, invading Iraq when you’ve been attacked by people in Afghanistan. Surely no president would be that stupid, right? Surely any political party would realize the costs of having priorities so divorced from those of the voters, right?

On the other hand, the Democrats and their hapless president are probably in worse shape if they actually pass this legislation. Especially now that it’s been stripped of nearly every real progressive reform imaginable, it has become an incredibly stupid bill, from the political perspective. It will force people who can’t afford it to spend a giant amount of money on lousy insurance, without any real choice to hold down costs, and it will fund this by hacking away at the Medicare budget. No wonder an insurance industry lobbyist broadcast an email last week declaring: “We WIN. Administered by private insurance companies. No government funding. No government insurance competitor.”

But here’s a little riddle that any sixth-grader can easily figure out, although it seems to have eluded the brain trust at the White House: If insurance companies are winning big-time, then who is doing the losing? Something tells me that if Democrats are dumb enough to pass their own legislation, voters will provide them the answer to that puzzle in November of 2010, and then again two years later. What could be stupider than saddling thirty-five million Americans with a new monthly bill that will probably represent the second or third biggest item in their budget, in exchange for crappy private sector health insurance that is unlikely to pay out when needed, and wastes a third of the dollars paid in premiums on bureaucracy and profits anyhow? Slapping big fines on them if they don’t pony up for the insurance, perhaps? Yep, that’s in there too.

This bill alone could mobilize legions of people to go to the polls and vote for whichever party didn’t do it, and I’m pretty sure the GOP won’t be shy about reminding Americans who that is. I mean, if Democrats were searching for legislation less likely to win them votes, why didn’t they just bring back slavery or the debtor’s prison? Why not come out for pedophilia? It would have been so much more efficient. At least they wouldn’t have spent the last year looking like idiotic bunglers who, in addition to sponsoring really unpopular ideas, also inadvertently left their testicles at the coat check and have spent the last thirty years trying to find their way back to the gala.

Ah, but wait! If you order now, there’s more!

As I understand it, the bill doesn’t even actually force insurance companies to cover people, at least in the sense that they can charge prohibitive amounts to those with whatever they define as pre-existing conditions. You know, like the young woman who had a policy but died when she was denied cancer treatment because she had a bad case of acne as a teenager.

This will be a total train wreck for the Democratic Party. Already, the public opposes the plan by a ratio of 47 to 32 percent. And they haven’t even been handed the bill for it yet. And they haven’t even had their premiums skyrocket yet. And they haven’t even seen insurance corporation executives buy small countries for use as second homes with the increased compensation they will be floating in. And they haven’t even found out what this does to their Medicare yet. And they haven’t even seen the impact on the national debt yet. And they haven’t even realized that the ‘good’ parts of the bill don’t go into effect until FOUR YEARS from now.

You know, elite Republicans may be sociopaths, and they may be lower on the moral totem pole than your basic cannibal, but they’re not stupid. I bet they’re salivating at the idea that this thing passes. I bet they’d even have Olympia Snowe vote for it if necessary, just to put it over the top. They must be laughing their asses off at this gift. All they have to do is oppose it right down the line, then say “Told ya so!” at the next election, squashing the pathetic Demognats, one after the next. Hey, even if worse comes to worse and the thing eventually becomes popular, they can always wait a decade or two and become champions of the new publically beloved healthcare system – just like they did for Medicare, Social Security, civil rights, etc.

This is President Nothingburger’s great gift to America, along with doing nothing about jobs, doing nothing about the Middle East, nothing about civil liberties, nothing about civil rights, and now doing nothing at Copenhagen. Regarding the latter, the world is literally on fire, and he jets in, gives a speech haranguing the delegates that “Now is not the time for talk, now is the time for action”, then splits even before the vote in order to beat the snowstorm headed to the east coast that might delay him getting home to his comfy bed. I’m not kidding. You can’t make this shit up, man.

This guy is killing me, though at the same time I still can’t quite figure him out.

Here’s what I get: This president is a corporate hack. Like Bush or Clinton, he has constituents, alright – but you and I are not on that particular list.

Here’s what I don’t get: He is radically tanking, at a moment when people no longer have patience for those kind of politics anymore.

Here’s what I get: This president has his fingers in many pies, as he needs to, ranging from global warming to economic implosion to two wars abroad to massive federal debt.

Here’s what I don’t get: Why does he bother to do these things in a way that pleases no one, and only dramatically undercuts his own political standing? Why does he refuse to make anyone his enemy, thus making everyone his enemy?

Is he just massively deluded? I wouldn’t have thought so, but watching the guy give himself a very good grade for 2009 – straight face and all – during the same year he’s lost twenty points off his job approval rating, and at a moment when even blacks and gays are deserting him, you know, you have to wonder.

Is he happy just to be a one-term president – just to say he’s been there and done that, and then sell some more books – even if he is reviled as one of the worst in history?

Maybe. But what about the rest of us?

The rest of us, indeed. It’s been quite some time since anyone in the White House ever cared about that sorry pack of rabble.

Obama looked like he could’ve been something different. He ain’t.

So this is it, folks.

Change you can believe in?

More like bullshit you can take a bath in, if you ask me.

David Michael Green is a professor of political science at Hofstra University in New York. He is delighted to receive readers’ reactions to his articles (, but regrets that time constraints do not always allow him to respond. More of his work can be found at his website,


The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Lady Haha

December 23, 2009

I was doing a little channel surfing a few weeks ago and happened across some sort of music awards show. I believe it was The American Music Awards but judging from the level of the performances it could have been some sort of reality show. What caused me to stop for a moment was seeing what I thought was Madonna doing a little dance number in combat boots.

Madonna is famous for, among other things, reinventing herself. “Reinventing” is show business talk for falling to a new level of depravity. You never see the Hollywood press praising someone for finding faith or cleaning up their act but if they demean Christian values or morality they get raves. So I was interested to see if this was some sort of political or religious statement or just the latest fashion craze.

So I watched the performance for a few moments. The woman who was the focus to the number then moved to a piano inside a glass case which later ignited in flames. I started to suspect that this wasn’t Madonna because to the best of my knowledge she doesn’t play the piano and is old enough to remember that the late Michael Jackson set himself on fire awhile back. At the end of the song the woman leaned back with outstretched arms as if to say I have exhausted myself as an artist by dancing and lip syncing for three minutes.

In a few seconds I found this was indeed not Madonna but a woman who goes by the name of Lady Gaga, a reference to a “Queen” song. I was fascinated by this performer but not for the reason you might think. As a comedian I detected a note of farce in the act. The whole thing seemed to me to have a touch of “Borat” included.

With that in mind I did a little research on Ms. Gaga. The title “Lady” is a fake! I found no record of her elevation to that rank by any royal court. Perhaps she wants us to think she is English like Madonna and Kathleen Turner who have started using British accents for no apparent reason. She did however recently meet the Queen of England and wasn’t sure whether to bow or curtsey so she did a little of both. Lady Gaga is also prone to wearing outrageous get-ups which she refers to as “fashion.” She also has a habit of referring to herself in the third person. Just when I was letting all of this pretentiousness get to me I realized I was being had. Like a mark in the middle of a con who suddenly realizes things aren’t what they seem I caught on.

Lady Gaga, I am a fan! You see, this performance artist isn’t following in the footsteps of Madonna. She is channeling the spirit of Tony Clifton. She is having us all on, the music industry, the fashion industry and the general public. Andy Kaufman lives.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Just a Little Message

December 17, 2009

From our friends at Virginia Virtucon:

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Law and Order, My Two Cents

December 15, 2009

I’ve noticed a lot of my brothers and sisters on the right are up in arms at Law and Order especially the SVU brand after last week’s episode. I did not see the whole episode in question but did see a clip where a character played by John Larroquette mentions three well known conservative talk show hosts and calls them a cancer on the land.

Before I get rolling, in the spirit of full disclosure I will admit to being a Law and Order junkie. My DVR is full of my favorite Law and Order: Criminal Intent episodes, which is by far the strongest of the three series. I will also admit that in my mind Law and Order: SVU is to the Law and Order brand what Deep Space Nine was to the Star Trek brand. It is a weak cousin that may have been spreading the brand a little too thin.

I know I have said this before, as a conservative if you start only watching and listening only to things you agree with politically then we are stuck with Magnum P.I. reruns, the 700 Club and Toby Keith CDs. I was just about to type the word “records” but I remembered this is the 21st century. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those choices, I just want a wider selection.

So, back to Law and Order, a lot of the chatter I have been hearing is true. Yes, Dick Wolf and a lot of other Hollywood types are far left politically. Yes, they often put their politics into their work, many times without balance. Yes, it is unfair that they verbally smack Bill O’Reilly and others around and misrepresents their positions. This week’s episode of Law and Order had some material that I found more offensive than a little name calling. The show which was a riff on the Big Hollywood expose of ACORN.  First the police use an unlawful search and seizure against a “conservative” guy because he doesn’t bow to their demands to be questioned. Later in the episode, every time Detective Lupo, played by Jeremy Sisto asks him a question he mocks his political beliefs by pretending he is talking to “the government” on his cell phone. When the “conservative’s” friends  show up to protest his wrongful arrest they are depicted as a group of gun toting, flannel shirt wearing, poorly educated, red necks. Yep, that’s me alright.  

The question is this; how should conservatives react to this? I think we should take a page from the playbook of the far left and try to bring some economic pressure to bear on the advertisers of NBC. The left has started strong campaigns against both Dr. Michael Savage and Glenn Beck trying to silence them by hurting them economically. There was even the recent laughable “revelation” that Glenn Beck gets paid by his sponsor Goldline. So let’s try to do the same. Here are two big ad buyers on NBC; McDonalds and American Express. Let’s start by dropping an e-mail to both companies politely asking them to stop buying ads on NBC and see what kind of response we get.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Tiger Woods, Fallen Hero?

December 14, 2009


A long time ago a great comic and songwriter Tom Lehrer opined that, “Everything is lewd when correctly viewed.” This has been causing me to look at some of Tiger Woods’ advertisements from a different viewpoint.  Maybe it’s that course I took in screenwriting but all of his ads seem to foreshadow his recently revealed hobby.

I was driving down to North Carolina to do a show last week. Just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee I saw several billboards advertising a new golf and real estate development in North Carolina called The Cliffs. It is going to be Tiger Wood’s first golf course design in the United States. The billboards have a picture of Tiger finishing his swing and the text reads, “See what inspired him!” I might consider covering those up for awhile or adding the line, “… to build a golf course here!”

A few days later I was in the Dallas airport and I saw some signs for another one of Tiger’s endorsers, Accenture. The two signs read: “The road to high performance isn’t always paved,” and “Sometimes you fine opportunity where you least expect it!”  Come on people, if that isn’t a hint at what he was up to you are dead from the waist down.

 Words like “power” and “performance” are all through his commercials. He was always known for his “length” Even his major sponsor Nike constantly urged us to “Just do it!” Now I understand what the “it” was we were supposed to be doing. Now that his sponsors are beginning to run for the exits his management team may want to contact Trojan, Viagra, or Enzyte to replace smiling Bob. He may want to get in touch with the local free clinic or the nearest branch of the CDC for some testing.

 I am glad to see that Tiger has at least found the high road in handling this “affair.”  One statement to the press, couple of posts on his website and no claiming he’s a “sex addict.”  I was not shocked by his behavior. I was disappointed by Mr. Woods but more surprised by the way the media has reacted. It is well known in golf circles that Tiger swears like Sandra Barnhard at a Sarah Palin rally. It is also well known in golf circles that many famous linksters are pretty “handy with the ladies,” as Emo Phillips might say.

I am sorry that I can’t name names because I wouldn’t want to get in any legal hot water but a lot of the guys on the PGA Tour make the NBA stars look like altar boys. The PGA has an image it works hard to preserve that is filled with guys who are as pure as Ivory Soap and John Daly. It is the last sport where the old “gentleman’s agreement” is still observed.  If I were a betting man I would be willing to wager dollars against broken golf tees that PGA Tour chronicler John Feinstein has seen but not written about a lot of hanky-panky. He has access to the players and events for his books that might be hindered if he started writing about things the Tour didn’t like. There is a story that when one mega golfer of the last generation, when he read of Wilt Chamberlin’s claim to have romanced 20,000 women said that meant Wilt was finishing second behind him.

While I am not condoning Mr. Woods’ behavior I find it interesting that there aren’t a lot of tour pros saying too much about the whole deal. When the bullets start flying you need to stay low or you may be hit too. Where is the PGA which was quick to condemn and even suspend John Daly for his behavior? Why are they silent? The answer is the same as when they were cleansing the tour of all the clubs that were restricted in any way but left Augusta National and The Masters alone.  There is a simple answer to both questions: Money. Tiger is money, big money!

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hey, I’m Workin’ Here!

December 12, 2009

I want to say I ‘m sorry to all of my regular readers. It’s been a slow week for posting because I have been traveling like a crazy man tryng to make a living. There has been a to of great fodder for The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Tiger, Obama, Barbara Walters and a ton more. I’ll be back on Monday with a nerw post but just a few random thoughts.

I don’t know what it is about Jenny Sanford, soon to be ex-wife of The South Carolina Governor and a guy who looks at Tiger and says, “Hey , at least I only had one.”  Every time she is in the news my hits spike up like a punk hair do. I like Mrs. Sanford and will be writing about her again soon. When it comes to the Sanford family it’s isn’t hard to see who is the brains of the outfit. 

I am sure that the stoic Mrs. Sanford saw the Tiger Woods story and thought, only thought, ” A five iron, noice touch Elin!”

Here is the real scoop and a piece of insanty. Last night while I was driving from ABQ out to Gallup New Mexico to do a show my phone rang. It was my good friend and major force in the Christian comedy market Jeff Allen. He proposed that we run the Music City Marathon together in NAshville at the end of April as a fund raiser for breast cancer charity Gilda’s Club.

Those who have met me recently might be suprised by this but I have run LA seven times but the last time was 11 years ago. But I said ok and so on Monday I start training. What was I thinking!

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod Brown: Poster Boy for What’s Wrong in Washington!

December 7, 2009


When President Obama was just candidate Obama and tossing promises to us like Mardi Gras beads to shirtless women he made a few that we all liked. The two things even we of the far right wing nut job persuasion hoped might be true were that he was going to change the way things were done in Washington and there was going to be a new transparency in government. Even though I am at times jaded and a bit cynical I have never given up hoping. I wasn’t holding my breath but if President held up his word I was willing to give him credit.

   The poster boy for these two broken promises is Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. If you’ve never heard of Senator Brown he is probably most famous for being mistaken for an African-American by Rush Limbaugh because of his name. He is actually a child of privilege who was raised in Northeastern Ohio. Senator Brown has never had a “real” job. After graduating from Yale Senator Brown entered politics taking a short break to go back to college for an advanced degree. Despite the fact Senator Brown has never worked in the private sector much less gotten his hands dirty with physical labor he like to see himself as a common man. What rich, well connected politician doesn’t? The Senator has been in Washington so long he has come to think he is employed by the Democrat Party and not the people of Ohio.

Senator Brown was one of the brave legislators who when he saw how the whole open town meeting thing was going last summer staged a number of “community roundtables” in heavily Democratic areas. Senator Brown claims to have visited voters in every Ohio County but has dodged my country and my invitations to appear at a true open town meeting. His propaganda events were heavily attended by stooges from the SEIU and other Brown operatives. Public input was heavily limited and also staged as I have documented in the past. These union “workers” would have been easy for Senator Brown to turn out as his daughter is employed by the SEIU. His other daughter works for the Ohio House Democratic Caucus. If one were a cynic they might wonder how hard those two had to work to get those jobs  

His biggest achievement in his three years in the Senate was that he had compiled a voting record that is 97% along party lines. Recently, Senator Brown did a bit of grandstanding and included his name on a Republican amendment that would demand all congress members join the public option in healthcare. An amendment he knew would not make the bill but gives him cover at home. Again a cynical person might wonder if he had to get permission from his boss Harry Reid to make this move. If the Senator wants to show he is serious he should write his own amendment, get a few other committed Democrats to join him and refuse to vote for any healthcare legislation that does not contain his amendment. Rep. Bart Stupak, a Michigan has already shown this kind of courage but I am guessing Senator Brown doesn’t have that much spine.

To see how much of a lap dog to the party Senator Brown has become one only need look at his voting on the meaningful amendments to the Senate healthcare legislation. On the three amendments to stop stripping a total of $560 billion from Medicare, Senator Brown said no, no, no!  

If Senator Brown believes in transparency and bipartisanship why he has not spoken against the closed door meeting that excluded conservative voices in drafting this legislation? Why has he not demanded the President uphold his campaign to put the crafting of this legislation on C-Span?  If he is a man of the people why has didn’t he support the amendment limiting the payout to tort lawyers in medical malpractice lawsuits? I have an idea how we can help Senator Brown achieve his desire to become a man of the people of Ohio, help him join them in the unemployment line in 2012.