The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Be Thankful for Something!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that gets less and less respect every year.

Each year Halloween, for no discernable reason, seems to get bigger and bigger and the Christmas shopping season keeps starting sooner and sooner.

On top of that each year we seem to hear from groups who want to degrade the first Thanksgiving into some sore of imperialist kick off dinner for the genocide of American Indians.

I am a big fan of a talk radio guy named Dennis Prager. While he’s not exactly in the same league with Rush, Glenn or Dr. Savage he talks about a lot more than just politics and does so in a calm and rational manner. Maybe that is what is keeping him from the big time. That isn’t a put down to any of the other hosts, I listen to all of them when I can but more of a statement about what we as American prefer to listen to.

 Anyway, I have been recommending Dennis’  “Happiness is a Serious Problem”  to any one who will listen since I read it many years ago. I reread it every year at this time because it remind me of two points. No one is happy all the time and you should be grateful for the things you have.

Have a great Thanksgiving and try to cut your family some slack. They are who they are and there is very little chance that you will ever change the way your mother and father behave. Accept it or do them a favor and go have Big Mac for dinner. Try to forget about Obama, healthcare Sarah Palin, Fox News, or whatever gets on your nerves and take a walk with a loved one. Enjoy the ride because it’s going to be over before you know it.


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