The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Doing a Little Spinning

I just got finished reading my local fish wrap and am continually amazed at the spin people from the left like to put on things. Here are a few examples:

The Toledo Blade in an editorial that was reprinted in my local paper looked at recent election results as “the national anti-incumbent trend that played out in the election this week.” Really, an anti-incumbent trend?  This was an anti-Obama vote pure and simple. I only hope the left continues to deny the facts that are facing them squarely in the kisser. With each passing week President Obama and his policies are becoming more and more unpopular. His triangulation of running from the right and then governing from the left is blowing up in his face. It is an IED of his own devising. The independents and moderate Democrats and Republicans who were swayed by his rhetoric and the hipness factor of voting for the first Black President who was actually black, or at least partially black as opposed to the last “first Black President” who was totally white, will not be around to be fooled again in 2012 unless Obama moves to the right and does it soon.

Of course, the far left in the country is quick to point to the not as yet concluded election in the New York 23rd to deny this fact. Fine! They cite the lie that that 23rd had been held by a Republican for 100 years. Most recently this lie was repeated by minor columnist for that mega-media outlet the Palm Beach Post Rhonda Swan. Ms. Swan called exposed RINO Dede Scozzafava’s views on abortion and gay marriage “moderate.” This is the problem with bipartisanship, if you agree with the far left you are a “moderate Republican.” I would say if you agree with the far left you are a… Humm let me think, what is the word I am looking for? Oh yeah, a leftist!  Scozzafava supports virtually unfettered abortion. Not a conservative position. I don’t know what a moderate position on gay marriage would be. It seems to me you are for it or against it.

President Obama took another bow to a royal this week when he dropped it low in front of the Emperor of Japan. His media team was quick to play COA and say this was just the customary greeting but no other leader in recent history has been seen bowing to the Emperor.


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