The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Facebook Comment to Folks in the News

Like millions of other Americans the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has been caught up in the Facebook/social networking craze. I believe that Facebook is like a near death experience except your life passes before your eyes one friend request at a time. The Conspiracy has been trying to “friend” a lot of people in the news without much success. No acceptance of our friend request from President Obama, Dede Scazzafava, Jeremiah Wright and a host of others. I can’t imagine why? So in order to reach them with some timely advice we are posting some comments here. If you are on their friend list maybe you could pass them along.  

@ Dede Scozzafava- When you try to stand in the middle of the road you get run over. Pick a team and get on it.

@ Barack Obama- Mr. President, if the trip to Dover wasn’t a photo op or political why take a photographer along?

@ John Boehner – Nice play backing the person in the NY 23rd who ended up supporting the Democrat.  It’s about values not party, Mr. Speaker. BTW let you office staff know I am still waiting for a reply to my two e mails and phone calls.

@ Newt- See message to Boehner and then go write another Civil War “what if” book and stay off my TV. I don’t know what your number is but it is not 2012.

@ Jon Corzine- or Career Builders. Too bad one of the jobs BHO “saved” wasn’t yours.

@ Kevin Jennings- If you really what to help the Prez- one word- Quit!

@Larry David- Picking on Christians is easy because they are forgiving. It’s not edgy because it has been done to death. If you want to go out on a limb pick on Muslims, you may like the Salman Rushdie lifestyle.

@ Trevor Keezer- You want to serve your country, enlist. You want to serve Christ, enter a seminary, volunteer at a soup kitchen or attend on the church or your choice on Sunday. You want to work at Home Depot, do as you’re told.

@ Sarah Palin- Well done being ahead of the curve in the NY 23rd. Let’s hope folks remember who started this thing in 2012.

@ David Axelrod- Pick a date for- Action in Afganistan, don’t ask, Gitmo, when you are responsible for the economy and when you stop blaming Bush


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Facebook Comment to Folks in the News

  1. JC says:

    Well done.

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