The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Healthcare Revisited

,I went online to try to read the Pelosi healthcare “reform” bill. While I admit to being a hillbilly, right wing extremist and all round bozo I do have a pretty good command of Standard English. In the several hundred pages I read there are section where I would defy and ordinary person to read aloud the much less comprehend. My theory is that if you can’t write it so a person of average intelligence can understand it then you’re trying to hide something.

There are some great things happening in Washington, if you are either living on the dole or looking for a handout. If, however, you are a senior citizen, working person or union member with healthcare benefits on the job there is not so much there for you. Members of the last three groups will be hurt by the coming tsunami of a healthcare bill, the promises and platitudes of useful idiots like Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown notwithstanding.  

In the past week I got two great insights into healthcare reform. The first was when I was doing a night club date with a comic who was 30 years my junior. He makes an average of 600 dollars a week plus a few dollars a month of unreported income from the sales of tee shirts. Not a fortune but not a poverty level existence either. He has a Macbook Pro, ipod touch, and a Blackberry Strom. He goes out with the staff several nights a week after shows. He also smokes marijuana on occasion. What he doesn’t have: health insurance! This is one of the millions for whom President Obama and his lapdogs like Brown want us to pay the tab.

 Recently I did a show for the staff of a well respected university medical school. I had dinner with at a table of ten top Midwestern doctors and realized I was by far the least educated person at the table. Of course that would be the case if I sat down in a middle school lunchroom at a decent private school. One of them asked me if I did any material about the healthcare reform. That put me in a tough spot because I was there as a comic not as a political commentator. So I did what any good politician would do, I dodged the question. I asked them how much input top doctors like them have had on the upcoming legislation. There was a lot of rolling of eyes and then one of the doctors told me that during his campaign Obama had come to their school. He had told them that he would reform healthcare and look to them for direction. He asked several of the doctors to serve on a panel of 100 top doctors and medical administrators to advise on crafting healthcare legislation. Several of the doctors told me they were lifelong Democrats and had vigorously supported the President.

How many times did the advisory committee meet? Zero! The top doctors and hospital administrators were never asked to contribute to the plan. That should be a huge red flag to anyone even those as unintelligent as me or Sherrod Brown.


5 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Healthcare Revisited

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    The majority of doctors and nurses support health care reform including a government option.

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        There are many sources out there, but here’s one from the New England Journal of Medicine:

        I realize that they don’t slant the facts to the right so you wouldn’t consider them a valid source. To right-wingers, without the right-wing spin, that means they have a liberal bias.

      • Stilton says:

        Following that link, it indicates that of doctors who favor expansion of coverage, a majority support a combination of public and private option. But note that the survey only asks doctors to express their preference for HOW coverage is expanded…not IF it should be expanded, or if other options (ie, clinics, vouchers, etc) should be considered.

        So a majority of a subset of doctors favors a combined public/private option…but the poll results can’t be extrapolated to doctors at large.

  2. Stilton says:

    I’m not aware of the (ahem) statistic that Ben refers to. But I AM aware of the study that said up to 45% of doctors would consider retiring early from the practice of medicine if healthcare reform (with a public option) as currently described is passed.

    Here’s one of many sources:

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