The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Newt, Please Find a Rock to Crawl Under.

I am going to do something that isn’t often done in Conservative circles, break the 11th commandment of Ronald Reagan and criticize another Conservative.

I was watching Fox News last night and subjected to yet another salvo from washed up, old school, morally loose, quasi-conservative, “thinking man” Newt Gingrich. If this dinosaur is the future of the GOP let me sign up for a third party – yesterday! I trust him as far as I can throw an anvil. If Civil War expert Gingrich told me that Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox I would look it up just to be sure.

I won’t get into specifics but this guy is carrying more baggage than a packed jumbo jet. I put Newt and Bill Clinton in the same political category. Everyone around them says how smart they are  yet their behavior and political accomplishments tell me that isn’t so. It is obvious that Newt is lining up to run for The Big Chair in 2012.  That is the best news the folks in the Obama camp can hear. Seriously, is there any conservative out there who thinks that if he were our guy in 2008 instead of the RINO we ran that Obama would be trying to introduce anti-war resolutions from the Senate floor today? Axelrod would love if all he had to do in 2012 is run over another Dino-RINO.

 Gingrich recently reaffirmed that he is out of touch with the conservative base when he threw his support behind non-conservative Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava in the New York 23rd congressional district.

Why did Newt give his seal of approval to the pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Scozzafava? He gave the same tired rhetoric about how if we don’t get behind the approved “R” person then we are giving the seat to the Democrats. If that is Mr. Gingrich’s biggest worry perhaps “for the good of the party” he should encourage his friend Ms. Scozzafava to drop out and make Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman a shoe in for the seat.

The election in the New York 23rd is a wake-up call to the GOP. I’m not saying that I will never vote for another Republican but when I have an alternative that better fits my values I will vote for them regardless of party. I live in Republican House leader John Boehner’s district and when I recently both called and e mailed his office to complain about his support for Scozzafava I was given the same treatment I got from left wing radical Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. I was blown off and the e mail never answered.

 The tea party movement isn’t about party, Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Boehner, it’s about values and principles.  Get with the program or look for a new line of work!


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