The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Never Bring a Spork to a Knife Fight.

I have zero tolerance for zero tolerance policies.

When you try to make a rule that can never be broken you take common sense out of the equation.  There are always exceptions and things can happen that The proof is all around us. A girl gets tossed from school because she has a butter knife in her car. An elementary school girl is seen the same way as a student selling marijuana because she gives a Tylenol to a friend who has a headache. The list goes on.

Most recently a six year old boy, who by all accounts was is a great kid and whose parents were very involved at school was suspended because he brought his boy scout camping tool to school to eat his lunch. Without a campaign launched by his mother to flood the school board with e mails and calls  pointing out their stupidity the boy would have been sent to a school for juvenile offenders.I don’t know what goes on at this school but apparently they need a no tolerance rule for first graders with sporks because there had been a number of sporkings among kids who were hardly out of diapers.

I hate to sound like an aging curmudgeon but when I went to grade school in Kentucky most boys carried pocket knives. We played mumblety peg  at lunch while teachers watched. I don’t ever recall a stabbing although there were several apples cut up at lunch. The only thing we had zero tolerance for was being made to erase the board after class.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:Never Bring a Spork to a Knife Fight.

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Hey Jeff, this time I agree with you 100%. 🙂

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