The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Random Notes On Hollywood and The Media

David Letterman a total scumbag, who would have thought it!   Seems Dave has been having sex with the help over at CBS. I wonder if CBS will make him sit through some sensitivity training on sexual harassment. Here is another surprise, Dave is just another progressive who talks one game and plays another. I am glad to see he has some morality, when a woman who knew tried to blackmail him he drew a line in the sand. At least we know what he really cares about – his money.

Job Opening at Late Show: Apply Within

Job Opening at Late Show: Apply Within

Whoopi Goldberg also gave us a lesson in Hollywood morality last week when she defended pedophile and child pornographer Roman Polanski. “It wasn’t rape-rape.” she said on The View commenting about capture of the Polish film director.  Seems Whoopi thinks its ok to: A) Drug a 13-year-old and then have sex with her B) After your convicted skip bail and flaunt your lifestyle in Europe. 

Polanski took it on the lam 31 years ago when he was convicted of having sex with a child. He wants to return to the US for the same reason David Letterman ‘fessed up: America is where the money is and Polanski wants more that he can make in socialist Europe. He has been trying to get his conviction overturned and recently had one of his lawyers claim that even the LA court didn’t care that he had skipped.  Wrong!

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is all in a tizzy. My local paper ran one of his columns last week where he was all upset by the “vitriolic attacks” on President Obama. Seems the scribe is worried that “extreme right wing” questions on the legitimacy of the Obama Administration may lead to some sort of breakdown in our system. Strange he wasn’t worried about the same thing when he and other alleged journalists were calling President Bush the “President select” back in 2000.

Mr. Friedman also is calling for the arrest of the Facebook user who posted a poll about the killing the President. Before I get labeled a kook and get visits from the Secret Service let me state for the record I find that poll and any talk about violence against any elected official to be disgusting.  Having said that, do we want to start arresting people who disgust us?  Had this “jerk”- a word Friedman uses to describe the anonymous pollster and one that I can agree with- advocated violence towards the President he would have committed a crime and should be arrested.  However he posed a question and even though that is walking a fine line it is a line. What about the people who answer “yes” in the poll. Should the FBI hunt them down also? It seems to me that answering “yes” to that poll is more of a threat than posing the question. As a point of interest when a film about the assassination of then President Bush came out a few years ago I don’t remember Mr. Friedman being quite as upset. Guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

Finally a word about Congressman Joe Wilson. In case you have been in a coma for the last three weeks Joe called the President a liar during Mr. Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress. Congressman Wilson apologized, as he should have, more than a few times for being rude and breaking the decorum of the House.  A lot of folks got on him for being uncivil but I don’t think anyone said he was wrong.


5 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Random Notes On Hollywood and The Media

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Maybe nobody in Glennbeckistan said he was wrong, but a lot of sane people did.

  2. stiltonj says:

    Sorry Ben, but Wilson was specifically responding to Obama’s assertion that illegals wouldn’t get insurance coverage. But the Dems just voted to forbid checking citizenship before allowing access to government insurance plans.

    So Wilson was right, Obama was lying, and a lot of “sane” people are looking like suckers now.

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