The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Obama in Copenhagen

The President went to Denmark to ask the International Olympic Committee if it would like to come to Chicago in 2016 and have a nice Italian beef sandwich. As long as they are coming they might want to bring the Olympic Games with them.

I could get into a discussion of why the President is doing something that should be left to the President of the American Olympic Committee or a minor campaign donor when he has a few other small issues to deal with like Iranian nukes and his crumbling healthcare plan. That however, isn’t the really interesting thing here.

The interesting thing is that the President is trying to take full credit for bringing the games to Chicago. He needs the victory. Mr. Obama, now nine months or about 20 percent into his term has nothing to show for all of his efforts. He has spent almost all of his goodwill and political capital on healthcare and it had blown up in his face like it did in Mrs. Clinton’s. He has failed to deliver on all of his campaign promises. Gitmo is still open, we are in Iraq and Afganistan more deeply than ever, the economy is still stuck in the muck and his transparence promise gets more opaque every day. If Mr. Obama comes back from Denmark with the Olympic Games he claims a small victory and shows that his status in the world community gets things done. If he comes back with nothing he looks like he is weaker leader than Bud Selig.

The thing the President does not need is another failure. He is not coming back from Copenhagen empty handed. So he does what Chicago politicians do best, the fix is in! It is a done deal! No self respecting Harvard lawyer and Windy City vote getter would walk into a courtroom or city election without knowing what was up. The payoffs have been made and the President’s bagwoman, Oprah, is along for the ride. Don’t be too shocked when Harpo Productions gets a big hunk of the broadcasting rights.

The Olympics are coming to Chicago or the Obama’s can start looking for a house in Evanston.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Obama in Copenhagen

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    We are in Iraq more deeply than ever? Maybe you should read the news once in a while instead of just right-wing propaganda. We withdrew from Baghdad in June and this was in the news this morning:

    WASHINGTON – The United States is speeding up its military withdrawal from Iraq, sending 4,000 more troops home next month, the top American commander there says.

    You right-wingers are desperate for something to complain about.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Ben Are you talking about the troop drawdowns after the surge begun in the Bush administration and now continuing under Obama.

      Facts are like kryptonite to toe tag liberals- Larry Elder

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