The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Fan Letter!

I am traveling doing shows for a few more days so here is just a little fan letter and my reply I thought you might enjoy.

Jeffrey Jena

I would just like to inform you that your judgement of Russell Brand is what can only be described as jealous and envious dribble. Maybe you Yanks don’t get our English humour as Russell is the funniest person to come out of our glorious country in many a years, he’s was won numerous accolades to prove his great popularity in Great Britain. Next time your comedian talents warrant a VMA presenting role please inform me, God Bless. PS: I think your comedy is relentlessly boring and stale, it’s the same old boring US comedy that makes me want to cringe. Bye Love you xx



Thanks for reading me on Big Hollywood or my personal blog, wherever you happened to find my essay on Mr. Brand. Maybe you missed the last paragraph where I said I didn’t think that MTV was looking for me, ahh so much for selective reading.

I have been to the British Isles many times and agree with you that it is, or at least at one time was a glorious country. You have a great tradition of conservative politics and liberty stretching from the Magna Carta to Churchill to Thatcher and are the root of our own great system. There is no argument that our country is the greatest and most powerful in the world or need I remind you if it weren’t for meddlesome Americans you would be speaking German.

In fact our country is so great that anyone who finds some small success in your falling toward third world status island nation runs here to, a) avoid the ungodly oppressive system of taxation you have developed to try to prop up your sagging system of social welfare and b) play in the big game and make some real money.

As to Mr. Brand, to you he is a talented genius and to me a worthless twit, that is what is great about both of our countries, we still enjoy the right to our own opinions no matter how stupid other find them. All the best.


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Fan Letter!

  1. MonkeyBoy says:

    Glory is overrated. It tends to be about superiority. Love is much nicer, though it gets very little press. X

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