The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Max Baucus, The Gang of One!

Ahh, bipartianship it’s like the dream of utopia, nice but it is never going to happen. Not on the issue of healtcare anyway. Not as long as Progressives/liberals/democrats/socialists or whatever focus group friendly term that are calling themselves this week see it as Conservative caving in to agree with them.

Last week I wrote about how the President’s speech was “green” because it was made from totally recycled ideas. It seems that puppet master Axelrod, the progressives answer to Rove, has passed the ball to Max Baucus. His “compromise bill” is a little more clever than the President’s speech in that he has changed the wording and “badge engineered” some of the recycled concepts under new names.

“Public option” has become “co-op” and “tax” is now a “fee on Cadillac plans.” See,  in the minds of liberals if you think spending the money for quality healthcare for your family is prudent then you have way too much money.

How sad for the Senator that he has not the support of one single member of his gang of six!  He also lacks the support of a gang of 175 million that are becoming tired of the same old stuff from Washington. You know, the stuff that the President promised us he would end.

We could start healthcare reform in this country with two simple ideas, cross state portability and tort reform. I would also notaccept any healthcare legislation that exempts congress from its provisions. In all of the legislation why has there not been one word of tort reform. Follow the money, my friends, follow he money.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Max Baucus, The Gang of One!

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Public option is not the same as a co-op you moron.

  2. All for tort reform but I know people clamor for loser pays. I would like to see jury/judge decides if loser should pay. While loser pays would eliminate many frivolous suits, I would hate to see someone with a legitimate case lose and have to pay b/c of some technicality.

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