The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Obama’s Green Healthcare Speech: Totally Recycled Material

President Obama has shown his commitment to the green movement by giving a speech which contained 100% recycled material. Here’s the deal, if you call a big special meeting and invite all the press, a bunch of Senators, Congressman, make Ms. Nancy fly her Gulfstream off to get a new pantsuit and a Botox shot or two and ask 300 million Americans to tune in you should say something that we haven’t heard before.

My Way or the Highway!

My Way or the Highway!

There was a lot of leftover campaign rhetoric about bringing us together. The old “I’m bipartisan as long as you are willing to agree with what I want,” was in there. We got a shot of McCain smiling haplessly like he did when he suspended his campaign to go to Washington and get the financial crisis straightened out. President Obama hit all of the talking points about what is and isn’t in a piece of legislation that really isn’t even written yet. Hey, who doesn’t like a little magic? At the end there was even a little recycled Kennedy too.

I will say there was one new figure in there. The President said there were 30 million uninsured Americans. In July he put the number at 47 million. Just by talking about healthcare reform for three months we have reduced the number of uninsured by more than 33%.  If we just continue to talk at this rate everyone will be insured by March! That’s change I can believe in!

Let me finish with a note on the behavior of James Wilson of South Carolina.  Boorish? Yes. Uncouth?  Yes. Disrespectful? Absolutely! Should he be reprimanded? Yes, right after Ms. Nancy relieves Charles Rangel of his committee chair for tax evasion. I ask you which is worse, being a rube or giving the daring digit to the IRS. Not long ago we learned from Mr. Biden paying our “fair share” is patriotic. Perhaps Mr. Rangel just isn’t that into patriotism.


8 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Obama’s Green Healthcare Speech: Totally Recycled Material

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Sounds like you’re more anti-Obama than anti-health insurance reform.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Who is against Health Care improvements? Good see how easy bipartisanship can be. I am not Anti-Obama, I am anti- marxist and anti blotted government and huge deficits be they Bush’s or Obama’s

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        Okay, here’s a summary of Obama’s plan that he outlined last night:

        What part of the plan do you consider to be Marxist?

      • jeffreyjena says:

        How is it constitutional for the Federal Government to tell you you must buy a product or service? If you don’t they will fine you or put you in their program. What is the basic doctrine of Marxism? From each…to each… what would you call this unconstitutional program?

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        They already do that with auto insurance. Is auto insurance Marxism?

        And that’s not even related to Marxism. The main objective of Marxism is a classless society. I doubt a public option for health insurance is going to result in a classless society (although it could be argued that people like Joe Wilson have no class).

  2. Damion says:

    I’d call it communist, or at the very least statist.

  3. Damion says:

    Before you go after Joe Wilson remember back to the State of the Union address in 2005 when the democrats boo’ed President Bush as he spoke about Social Security. Not to mention Harry Reid calling Bush a liar and a loser.

    Was it ok then?

  4. Damion says:

    Compulsory auto insurance is completely different. If you don’t want to have auto insurance, don’t drive a car. If you don’t want health insurance are you supposed to not live?

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