The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Why Are Unions for Government Healthcare?

I have been sitting here and looking at videos or SEIU members demanding “healthcare equity.” I was wondering, don’t their employers provide health insurance programs? SEIU claims to be the largest healthcare union in the country so I would imagine their members employed in the health care industry are covered by private insurance? SEIU claims to be the second largest union for government employees and I know that government employees get health insurance.

My question is: Are these union workers willing to give up their private insurance to go stand in the government line? That seems strange to me. A hard fought perk of the union vs. management struggle and they are willing to just let it go? Why?

Maybe all members of the SEIU are really altruistic and want everyone to share in their struggle. Maybe it is something a little more sinister? Let’s imagine for a minute that instead of the government being one of the biggest employers of SEIU members it was, oh I don’t know let’s say EXXON. One day the guys who run EXXON go to the union and say that instead of the cushy private health care plan their members now enjoy they wanted to push all the union families into a government run HMO. Do you think the union would go for it?

So why is it why when the Most Powerful Community Organizer in the World tells the union to give up a nice perk and get in the government line they are all for it. Not only that but the same union them spends millions of dollars of the members’ dues to promote Obama’s plan.

Are the union leaders representing the best interest of their members or are the pushing their own personal political agenda. Are other unions ready and willing to get into the government healthcare line? Teamsters? Steelworkers? How about all you SAG and AFTRA folks? I know how nice that healthcare plan is, are you ready to turn in your SAG healthcare for Obamacare?

I know that the members of congress have already exempted themselves from the plan. Just as they are exempt from Social Security and a number or other soon to be worthless government boondoggles.  At least that shows our elected officials know one thing: the crap they foist on us isn’t worth having.


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