The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod the Hidden Update

Sherrod the Hidden speaks to huge crowd in Cleveland

Sherrod the Hidden speaks to huge crowd in Cleveland

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown continues to cower in fear that a real non-astroturfed, non-democrat might show up at one of his appearances while he is on vacation from his full time job as Obama lapdog. (voting record 97% with party 3% abstain)

He had two “public” events today. One in Cleveland where he visited a house where the government is putting in new windows and insulation .  The event was attended by the people from the house a few press folks and several Brown staffers and media folks.

Brown also waded into a meeting in Youngstown with it’s “Independent” “I’m a Life Long Democrat”  mayor Jay Williams and a number government functionaries. The “forum” was held in a room smaller than my family room and I don’t live in a big house. Tough crowd, Sherrod!

Again I make public my offer to have the Senator come to Butler County and I will host a town hall for him. I know how Democrats think beer is a sign that they are regular guys and even though they went to an elitist Ivy League School. I don’t drink I will buy you a beer, Sherry! I’ll even throw in a hot dog.

Youngstown employees get a nap while Brown speaks

Youngstown employees get a nap while Brown speaks


6 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod the Hidden Update

  1. despicable says:

    Capitalism was born out of the ashes of a system called “FEUDALISM” Capitalism was a social advance over feudalism because it freed the serfs and the common man to break away from the landed aristocracy. Those that believed they were lords and blue bloods ordained by God to rule over the earth and and those that they considered less than human than they. They looked down on the mass of people that did not own private property.
    The struggle of the common man did not stop with the birth of our nation. There were those at the founding of our nation that did not want to educate in public schools those that were not of the propertied class. These so called gentlemen attempted to keep people without considerable property from voting. During the rise of industrial revolution the working conditions of workers were so bad that in the Lincoln, Douglas debates the argument was made of “what was worse, ” chattel slavery or wage slavery.”
    Workers and the common man fought back against against those that regarded themselves as “the privileged class.” They formed labor unions and joined together for political action.
    Capitalists from the earliest time of our history to the present time were contemptuous of the general public and our environment. When they had a chance to make a large profit they would shout “FULL SPEED AHEAD AND the public be damned!”
    It became apparent that only if the working class, united together and politically struggled together against the abuses of the privileged class would the common worker have a decent life.
    The struggle for socialism is a part of that struggle of the common man to end exploitation of man by man.
    For over 100 years their has been an effort to put the means of production into the hands of the common man and to share the wealth with the entire community. The prevailing conditions over the years had made this national transformation impossible to succeed. But when the conditions are all in place this revolutionary change will take place because it will be the only possible thing to do.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Dear Dis
      Your take on the Marx/Hegel dialectic is a little weak. Actually Feudalism of the early middle ages led Europe to the Royal/Stateism system of the 14th-19th century. Capitalism was born out of the revolution against Stateism/early socialism
      BTW What does that have to do with the Senator from Ohio hiding from the voters? Please take you ADD medication and get back to me

  2. despicable says:

    Towns and villages that were inhabited by merchants tradesmen and professional guilds existed within the feudal system, The large feudal land lords dominated the system and agriculture was more powerful than those that lived in the emerging small towns and villages.
    In early America it was “King Cotton” and the large agriculture plantations that American power emanated from. The emerging towns and cities took over from the countryside and dominated after the Civil War!
    Much of the south it seems can’t get over this transition from a small village type of government rule to a large city, state, federal and world type of governance.
    I guess the word that explains this is “Provincialism!”
    Class Struggle in america and in the world exists because of the nature of the relationship between the boss and his worker!
    The worker by the use of his labor power produces value for his boss. The worker is compensated for his labor by receiving value, in the form of a wage. The value in the form of a wage that the worker receives is only a fraction of the value that the worker produced with his labor. The profit of the boss is the value that the worker did not get for his labor.
    Because the worker did not receive the fruit of his and her labor is why you have class struggle for a larger portion of the pie.
    Only under the conditions of Communism where the “State withers away” will it be possible to have a society that produces “Social Scientific Individuals” that become their own leader and their own follower! They need not have a government or anyone else lead them. They automatically will do what is best for the world environment and the people living within that environment.
    Only under Communism you can have a integrated world environment of material abundance, individual intellectual growth and social scientific huunan beings!

  3. jeffreyjena says:

    Dear Dis

    Wow! I am stunned by your ignorance! The South Provincial? Maybe you have never been to Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Charlotte. I have been to Maine, Vermont and Minnesota, thats provincial!
    I have been to China, Russia,and several other communist countries, not exactly the nirvana you envision.
    The beauty of our system is that if you think the value of your labor isn’t being rewarded you can start your own gig! In China and Russia, not so much!

    Exactly how old is the propaganda you are reading and again I will ask, what does that have to do with the fact Sherrod Brown will not engage the public?

    Take the Obama prescribed blue pill and enjoy a steak.

  4. despicable says:

    I will let your ignorance speak for itself!

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