The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: An Apology to Sherrod Brown

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy would like to correct an error of fact in it’s recent posting about Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

I stated that the Senator had ignored my e mails to him. In fact I received several form letter e mails from the Senator.  I felt that they were non-responsive to my questions . At one point I sent a satirical letter about a local issue which he refered to the Governor.  As a comedian I thought the letter was obviously a satire and would be recognized  as such. His staff did send me a notice that that had forwarded that e mail to the Governor. No “lol” or smiley face.

There were no personal responses until after my blog post. 

I stand by my assertion that he is afraid to face conserative voices in a public forum. I will make another assertion, any Senator who stands on the Senate floor and says that judges are better when the have diabetes needs to be replaced!


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