The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod Brown; Coward!

I will admit that I am a right wing extremist as defined by the current administration.  I believe in a lot of wacky far right ideas, like the Constitution, respect for the flag, and respect for life, God and self reliance. I also believe in a lot of things that you might think of as “liberal.”  One of those things is healthcare. I would like to see everyone have access to healthcare. The problem is that the constitution does not provide for the Federal Government to run a health care system. That power is reserved to the individual states. Several states have state run health care systems. None of them work very well nor do they provide universal coverage.

Ollie-Ollie in Free

Ollie-Ollie in Free

Here is my problem. A lot of middle class folks, many of whom voted for President Obama are now unhappy with the agenda he is advancing. They don’t like so called “card check”, they don’t like “Cap and Trade,” and they especially don’t care for universal government health care. Some members of Congress have been going on the stump for President Obama and have been met angry crowds.

High ranking Democrats have tried to dismiss those crowds as “mobs”.  Speaker Pelosi has made a soft claim that they are everything from Nazis to paid thugs from the evil health insurance industry. She has also claimed that these protesters are “un-American,” for disrupting some town hall meetings. Strange we have never heard the Speaker make the same claims about gay activists who disrupt Catholic masses in her hometown or college students who shout down conservative speakers on campuses. I could give more examples but I think I have made my point.

Of course, the left would never manufacture any show of support for their positions. I received several e mails from Camp Obama twice this week asking me to either call or visit our Congressman’s office to support the President. How many of the union folks who show up at events are here of their own free will. How many are in some way being paid to attend?  

Senator Sherrod Brown and many other liberal members of Congress are wondering how to engage the voters who are angry about their blind, lockstep support for a far left agenda. Senator Brown’s idea is an interesting one, he’s hiding!

In Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has not visited Butler County where I live since August of 2007. Butler County is not some out of the way rural county. It is the seventh largest county in the state. We are the most arguably the most conservative county in the state. Our Congressman is the leader of the minority in the House. I have called Senator Brown’s offices in Washington, Cleveland and Cincinnati many times and written him several e mails. All of which have been ignored. On one day I called all of his offices and he was not in and no one could tell me if he was working or not. I have been told over the phone by his staffers the Senator would be publishing his schedule for public appearances on his website. As of today there have been none published or scheduled. The Senator is supposed to represent all of the people of Ohio and not just the ones who voted for him or support his out of the mainstream leftist policies.

Sherrod, show some courage and leadership and come to Butler County. Stop playing hide and seek. Come and defend your positions on neo-Marxism. We will listen to you and then you can hear what we have to say. If you like your job you may want to pay us some mind.


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