The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: CARS Program, A Preview of Obamacare

I do a line in my act that has been often copied about if you want the government to run health care you need to spend a little more time at the DMV.  However the Obama administration has given us a new benchmark in government ineptness. If you are looking forward to the government running the health care system perhaps you should look over at the CARS program. If you think that a quickly cranked out complex government program is what’s best for the economy or health care check out the so called Cash for Clunkers debacle.

New Obama GM Low Emissions Vehicle

New Obama GM Low Emissions Vehicle

The idea was simple, offer an incentive to get people out of gas guzzler cars and help boost lagging car sales. I don’t know why the auto industry was chosen for a big corporate welfare handout instead of the furniture or big screen TV folks. It may have something to do with the government owning a big hunk of the auto industry and therefore being on the hook for the future pension and health care costs. Which, if I may offer a quick civics lesson review, means that you and I are now the proud owners of the Old GM obligations?

To get back to my point, if there is anything that is hated by lawyers and government bureaucrats alike it is simplicity. I could write the rules for the program is several paragraphs but then the average consumer and auto dealer would be able to understand them and several thousand government hacks would have nothing to do. The regulations covering the program run over 140 pages! Over one hundred and forty pages on what cars are eligible for trade and purchase.

There were warning signs that this was going to be a typical government balls up. At the end of the first week of July I went to several dealerships to check out what the deal was with cashing in on welfare for the United Auto Worker. No one had a clue and the program was scheduled to start in less than two weeks. Once the program got underway the EPA started “reevaluating” the gas mileage of a number of vehicles, making some cars that had been turned in no longer eligible!

Since then the government has been rejecting hundreds of application which seem to be valid. The government has no idea how many cars have been purchased under this program. The backlog of rebates after only five days is so enormous that no one knows how much has been spent, how many cars have been purchased or if there is any money left.

Lack of money has never been a problem that the Federal Government couldn’t overcome. Te House voted to triple the amount of money for the CARS program. Why triple? Why not, that seems like a good number. There is, of course, no logic or mathematics behind the increase. Like many government numbers it was pulled from the air like a bunch of flowers in a magician’s trick.

You don’t want to look at the logic behind the whole program too deeply either. If this idea is a way to jump start the auto business why didn’t we just take the 150 plus billion we have already poured in GM and Chrysler and have a mega CARS program where we offered 10 grand to the first 1.5 million folks who wanted to buy a new car?  If the idea was to reduce carbon emissions and gas usage please don’t do the math as to how little be saved by getting 250,000 people to get 5 or 6 MPG more while driving.

So think about the President saying his health care plan will be cost neutral while you are down at the DMV registering your CARS car and hoping your voucher processes properly so you aren’t on the hook for the $4500 you were promised.


6 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: CARS Program, A Preview of Obamacare

  1. Davis says:

    you may want to consider proofreading the first five words of your post

  2. revelationtoo says:

    Instead of criticizing the Obama administration for implementing the CARS Program, the issue we should be focusing on is why we’re still being held captive by the internal-combustion engine.

    Twelve years ago, GM produced the best electric car ever built, the EV1–
    called by “a marvel of engineering”–to comply with California’s zero-emission standards, but then decided to kill the idea altogether. Why? Because the EV1 wasn’t profitable enough.

    Despite increasing awareness of climate change, the American auto industry’s profit-at-any-cost mentality continues to leave this country hopelessly dependent on out-dated technology that is rapidly speeding up global warming.

    The true problem here are the corporations. Who we should really be criticizing are the car manufacturers like GM, not the federal government for trying to increase the number of environmentally-friendly cars on the road that get an average MPG we should have been getting 20 or 30 years ago.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Climate Change? Isn’t that what you progressives used to call “global warming” Seems it got so warn it seems cool. Here in the vast unwashed midwest we call climate change, “the weather.”

      I wouldn’t mind having a non- internal combustion car but here is the problem, THERE ISN”T ONE THAT”S WORTH A DARN! please let me know whwo the hemp pants are working out.

  3. Matt says:


    Very nice writing about the CARS program. I liked how you inserted the contents and comparison with President Obama’s Health Care Plan. Because of this reference, I am going to have to turn both you and I in for talking bogusly and incorrectly about the Federal health care plan. I have turned myself in at least 5 times just today for talking incorrectly about the overall plan. I still have tonight and into the remainder of the week and month to stake claim of self incriminations for the frequent governmental violations of incorrectly referring to the Federal HR Bill 3200. In case I forget to incriminate myself and others, that email address for notification is

    Thanks again for the wonderful writing. See you in some Federal interrogation room in the DC area.

  4. The CARS program is the biggest Ponzi Scheme since PONZI!! Madoff did not start off his scheme with this level of audacity. At least Madoff gradually amped up the greed meter on folks and gave them many happy years where they got to feel super rich in their Hampton retreats, before he was busted after a full career long Ponzi shuffle.

    Obama’s Ponzi scheme starts with the Hostile takover of GM and Chrysler, which he tried to disguise as an equally wrong subsidised bankruptcy, which is in itself a new term.

    Then, as you mentioned Mr. Jena, Obama realized that he needed to up sales somehow, so he says to himself, “If I just give the American people a 4500 rebate outright, that will be too much like socialism, and redistribution of wealth. But I think that the poor people in those ‘old’ cars deserve new cars. Sure there is the fact that they cannot afford a GMC. But wait a minute!! What if I buy their old car!! I will look like a hero to the conservationists, and the poor people will love me, to find themselves saddled with a new car that they still cannot afford. But hey, our poor people will be driving the best looing new cars!!” End Obama quotes. (It would sound racist if I would have said this, but it was Obama’s idea. Who ever heard of a groupd desperate poor, who drive cars that are disproportianate with their income? Hit Over the Rhine, or Southeast Middletown)

    Now Obama is using the CARS program as one final layer to the ponzi scheme.

    I always remember what my father has pounded into my head from an early age:
    “Count your money twice, before you go looking to buy something. Because no matter how many things you want, you can only spend each Dollar once! Make sure that whatever you spend your money on, you have bought what you need first, and then save for what you want.”–Frank Dean(My Dad)

    Obama is using a subsidy approach to get rid of a surplus of cars, caused by the fact that he bailed out an industry whose products are not viable in the current economy!

    The American people sat and watched as Madoff as arrested ant put on trial, and said out loud, “How could those peole be so stupid. Didn’t they know Madoff was a con-man? It was abviously too good to be true!!

    Those same idiots are the ones that “Hired” Obama, and now they are still blind to the fact that he is wiping out the bank account, and working a bigger ponzi scheme than anyone will ever imagine. Just think, he has only been in office for a little over half of his first year in office.

    The ones that will listen to what we have to say, are already on board the life boats, the rest are standing firm on deck as the ship sinks.

    It is just too bad that our life boats are tied very tightly to the sinking ship, so we are going to have to work hard to get the life boats free in time!

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