The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod Brown Tomorrow: Shenanigans Afoot

August 31, 2009

I get the e mails from the Obama PACs whatever they are called. No matter what the President says is there anyone who has not been totally Obotomized that doesn’t think their is some co-ordination between the White House and these “grassroots” movements? 

Anyway the official Brown website says the “public” event at UC begins at 10:30 AM. The Obama folks are saying the event starts at 9:30AM. Several trade unions of government workers have been mobilized to be in attendance to support the cowardly Senator who refuses to come to Butler County for a public event.

There will be plenty of video of the event. I will be there trying to get in. I have also sent several requests to be allows to speak but as of yet no reply. I think the only invited speakers will be in agreement with the Senator as I believe him to not want open discussion or debate but lock step agreement. I dare him to ask me to the mic. He and his press flack don’t have the guts to take three questions from me or any other informed conservative in a public forum.


The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod Brown Cincy; The Latest

August 28, 2009

This morning (8/28) I received an angry call from Chief Brown Propagandist Megan who was upset that I had published the quotes from Mr. Billington on my personal blog. I was told he did not speak for the Brown office. I asked if the quotes were accurate and was again given the “I don’t want to debate that with you.” dodge. I told her I had asked Mr. Billington’s permission to quote him and read back the quotes to him for confirmation. She repeated that Mr. Billington didn’t speak for Senator Brown’s office. She informed me that an undisclosed number of seats would be held for invited media types from “Ohio media outlets.”  I asked if I could have an invitation and was denied!  The reason given is that the conservative blog site that I work for isn’t an “Ohio media outlet.”  I then asked if Griff Jenkins of Fox News would be denied a press invitation since he doesn’t work for an Ohio media outlet. Again I was given the “I don’t want to debate you. “dodge.  I then asked how many seat would be reserved and she wasn’t able to give me a number. I then asked if the admission would be strictly first come first served and was assured it would.  One seat for every person in line, no holding places or cuts she assured me. Again we will see. It is possible that the rules will change again before Senator Brown takes the stage. These folk can’t stage a simple public forum about healthcare without confusion but want to run the healthcare system. To quote a phrase, “Things that make you go Hummmm!”

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod Brown Update

August 28, 2009

Last week I wrote an opinion piece challenging Senator Sherrod Brown to come to Butler County and hear the voices of the people he is supposed to be representing. It has been over two years since he has visited this county. As far as my research has found he has never held a public forum here. My challenge to the Senator is, as of yet, unanswered but he is getting closer.

After prodding from many sides Sen. Brown has announced a public forum to be held at The University of Cincinnati on September 1st at 10:30 AM. Members of his staff had earlier stated that they were not going to do any town halls. Video shot at his unannounced event on another college campus, Ohio State which was filled by students and supporters, show this to be true. This video can be seen on the website

When I see an ultraliberal politician run for the cover of a college campus it sends up all sorts of warning flags on how “public” this public forum will be. He has chosen a venue on campus with a rather small capacity (880 seats) with a limited number of entrances which tells me his people will try to control who get in to question the Senator. Secondly, there is a short time limit of 1 ½ hours and there are some people “scheduled” to tell their health care horror stories. I have a feeling this will take the bulk of the time.

Other liberal politicians around the country have hosted alleged “public” forums and then limited access to the meeting by bussing in ACORN members, union members, and other supporters and crowding out conservative voices.

With these things in mind I called and wrote the Senators office and asked to be credentialed to cover the event. My request was denied by phone by John Billington who described himself as the Senator’s “Healthcare Policy Fellow.”

Mr. Billington told me there were no media being invited or credentialed for the forum. I found this a little hard to believe so I asked Mr. Billington, “If the anchor of 12 news shows with a camera crew he will be asked to stand in line for admittance?”

Mr. Billington’s answer, “Yes. That is my understanding.”

Mr. Billington further stated that the meeting would be, “open to the public and it is the intent of Senator Brown’s office that no preference be given in admission.”

I asked if the seating would be first come first served and again Mr. Billington answered, “Yes. That is my understanding.” We shall see.

I will be attending the forum and ask that concerned citizens of Butler County, of all political views, join me. My invitation to the Senator still stands, I think Butler is too large and its voters too important to be ignored by a man who is supposed to be working for all of us.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Why Just Gambling?

August 26, 2009

There is no doubt the State of Ohio, like many others, is in a financial mess. If you looked at the history of our economy you would notice that there have always been ups and downs. Individuals seem to understand this and plan for times of lean and times of plenty. Governments and our elected officials seem to have missed that day in Economics 101. Governments always seem to be shocked when the economy goes south for awhile.

Here is your god!

Here is your god!

Our Governor Tom Strickland has a plan to balance the Ohio budget. Here it is in a nutshell; “Let’s gamble our way to prosperity!”   As a comic my natural instinct is to ridicule this idea and to highlight the fact the Governor is ignoring that four times in the last twenty years the voters, by a wide margin, have refused casino gambling.

In addition to our Governor thinking that gambling is the answer a new group of casino gambling vultures is waiting in the wings and trying to get yet another vote on the ballot.  Governor Strickland is taking advantage of a loophole in the lottery law to call slot machines “video lottery terminals.”  You remember the lottery don’t you? It was going to solve all of our school finance problems. To paraphrase the well known TV host Dr. Phil, “How’s that working out for you?”

Among the reasons given for this over riding of the will of the people is jobs! Gambling will create jobs. Fair enough we can always use more jobs for Ohioans. The second thing we often hear these people and politicians who support slot machines at racetracks and building casinos is that even though they are personally opposed to gambling they don’t want to either, “tell people how to run their lives,” or “legislate morality.”  I heard the alleged conservative talk show host Willie Cunningham extolling the virtues of casino gambling on his show the other day using both of these arguments.

When politicians say they don’t want to tell us how to live our lives with a straight face it is funnier than anything I have ever said on stage. That is exactly the point of all government. But, in the spirit of fairness I will take the supporters of gambling at their word and say we need something for Ohio which will create jobs, bring maximum revenue to the state and not worry about telling people how to live their lives or what moral values they should observe.

If the State of Ohio gets into the gambling business we are getting into a crowded field. Michigan, Illinois, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania already have casinos and slots so let’s find some new markets to tap without regard to morality that will raise some serious cash and create tons of jobs.

Let’s sell dope! We can be the first Government to get in on the ground floor of what we all know is a high profit business. Forget trying to get a few Hoosier farmers and Kentucky redneck to come over here and pull a few handles on our one armed bandits, I’m sorry, video lottery terminals. We will have the entire world’s crack heads and heroin users making a beeline for the Buckeye State. Besides the jobs in manufacturing and he distributing of the product our tourism will be off the charts! We will also have a hire a lot more cops, prison guards and drug counselors! Jobs for everybody!

Of course when other states see how much we are raking in they will start selling dope too so we have to be ready for our next non-judgmental venture: pornography! I can see a chain of state run “gentleman’s clubs” that stretches from Cleveland to Cincinnati and from Toledo to little old Ironton! Of course, with the government running them they may not be what you have come to expect from private sector clubs. In that sense, it would be kind of like government healthcare.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherrod Comes Up for Air!

August 25, 2009

While the VRWC salutes Sen. Brown for supporting our troops in Afganistan he has still not agreed to come to Butler County.

The Senator has announced a public forum at UC on September 1st. I plan to be there as I hope you will be too. I am sure his minions will try to paper the house with ACORN members, students and other liberals buts let’s try to get a few of our voices in the room.

Strange how the Senator feels safe in the middle of a war zone r a large college campus but is afraid to take my offer to come to Butler County. Sherry, I’ll buy lunch!

Keep in mind the most important public forum on Sherrod Brown and his Marxist friends will be in 2012 when he asks us for his job back.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Woodstock Revisited; Revisited

August 24, 2009

I was at a friend’s house a few nights ago for a little informal gathering. When we were chatting he had his i-pod providing some background music.  One of the songs that came on was from the “Woodstock” soundtrack. So there I was in a kitchen full of conservative upper middle class Midwesterners who were suddenly waxing poetic about how great Woodstock was.

Woodstock:Three days of trash, urine and drug ODs

Woodstock:Three days of trash, urine and drug ODs

What happened next was the kind of thing I do that keeps me off the party circuit.  I said something to the effect that Woodstock was an unmitigated disaster and a perfect metaphor for the Obama Administration. If it were technically possible this is the point where we would have heard a needle scratching across the album and a dead silence while the folks stared at me in disbelief.

The whole Woodstock myth that has grown up over the years is like the memory of your old college girlfriend, or boyfriend as the case may be. You tend to remember the good and forget the bad. You remember the smoothness of her skin but forget the night of the Kappa party when she disappeared for three days and turned up in Vegas married to a soybean farmer from Indiana.

That’s Woodstock! We remember the music and forget the drugs, the OD’s and lives ruined. We remember the artwork and forget the acres of mud and filth. We forget that the State of New York footed the bill for untold millions of clean up. We thought it was cool when Arlo announced the New Your State Thruway was closed but forget the cost to the State and the people. We forget the fact that people who couldn’t use the highway were inconvenienced and may have lost income.

What started out as a middle of the road business venture to open a recording studio ended up as a giant poorly planned disaster. This simple for profit music festival lost money for its promoters due to rushed and poor planning. Any money made off of the success of their film was lost to lawyers and plaintiffs in lawsuits later.

Isn’t that how it seems to be going for the Obama folks? What was promised in the campaign to be a centrist and uniting administration in the space of a few months has deteriorated into a bitterly partisan and leftist power grab. A lot of folks who though it was cool that we elected our first African-American president are now unhappy that they voted for a guy who is more Marxist divider than nonpartisan uniter. A rush into trillion dollar programs and poorly thought out bailouts has created unrest. All President Obama needs to do to complete the metaphor is hire Wavy Gravy to replace Robert Gibbs and announce the new government “breakfast in bed for 500,000” plan.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sherry Brown Update

August 24, 2009

I just got off of the phone with Megan in the Senator’s propaganda/spin office and was told several straight up lies.

1) The Senators “public” events were published beforehand on his website.  I was checking his site everyday as were many other concerned Ohioans. There was no advanced notice

2) The Senators events were open to the public. To quote Megan, ” There were five hundred people at his Columbus event I hardly call that closed.”  Were any of you aware of the Senator announcing a public forum in Columbus or did you find out about it through your own sources?

Whenever I tried to nail Megan down on specifics of when or where something was announced she would say, “I don’t want to debate you on that.”   Nice dodge.  I don’t really want to debate the Senator on heathcare or any of the many other radical leftist policies he supports but I will.  

I was also told that the Senator would be hosting a number of “public meetings” soon and they would be publshed in advance on his website, we shall see. We will also see if the Senator uses the tricks a number of his “Progressive” friends have been using by bussing in a number of Acorn and Union members to fill his “open” meetings and making sure they get seat before you. Or by having the tickets limited. If the Seator and his staff are unaware of locations large enough to hold their astroturf friends and the general public I will be happy to recommend some right here in Butler County.

I am sure the Senator has many pressing duties and other important missions to attend. I know he is concerned with Ohioans both here at home and wherever they may be found. His support for our troops is one thing that can be admired about the Senator.  But I think listening to the people of Butler County and voices of dissent is also among the most important of his duties.

Senator Brown, I am a lowly jokeslinger, why are you afraid to come and answer my questions in person?