The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Jackson. Palin and the Media

I have been driving around the Midwest for the last six days with my son playing golf, watching baseball games, visiting old friends and doing a few shows. There are a lot of benefits to this well timed vacation. The weather was perfect and I missed the all of hullabaloo know as the Michael Jackson memorial. I didn’t see a minute of the lead up coverage, the “service,” or the postmortem, no pun intended.

I was listening to evil talk radio in the car and did hear and read a number of reports on the event Depending on whom I was listening to it was a freak show/circus, a fitting memorial or “not as bad as I thought it might be.”

I always thought of Mr. Jackson as a talented singer/dancer/songwriter who had poor impulse control. I thought this was due to the fact that the leeches and toadies who depended on him for money never said one simple word to him: “No!” Apparently I was very wrong! Until I heard and read reports from his memorial I was unaware of his role in our society as everything from a civil rights pioneer to basketball coach. Martin Luther King and Pat Riley take a break the king of pop has got your back. I heard he was quite the philanthropist too although there isn’t a Michael Jackson Foundation he did at one time donate a reported 22 million dollars to a single California family.

The weekend before the deification of Mr. Jackson there was another small media event which got a lot of coverage, the resignation of Sarah Palin. If you still have any doubt that there is a vast left wing media conspiracy in this country all you need to do is look at the coverage of these two people and these events by alleged journalists.

On Tuesday July seventh the Chicago Tribune featured a half page mocking of Ms. Palin by Rob Manker on page three. Page three is usually where one might find the hard news of the day but not in the Trib when there is a conservative to be skewered. Did this paper give the same kind ribbing to Mr. Jackson at any point?    

I use the Chicago Tribune only as an example. The general tone of the reporting of these two events from television to the New York Times was to elevate and rehabilitate the reputation on Mr. Jackson and to denigrate that of Ms. Palin.

The real divide in this country is not political but cultural. As far as I know Michael Jackson was not political. I doubt if he even voted in the last election. The picture of him coming out of the voting booth may have shown up somewhere. He may have voted absentee but I am pretty sure if he had voiced an opinion on the election it would have been reported. Yet the media holds up this man as an icon to be admired. A talented man who lived an extremely degenerate and narcissistic life is not only exonerated but held up and praised.

Sarah Palin, a woman who has served her God, her country, and raised a family is mocked. Why, because she doesn’t fit the stereotype that the media prefers for a successful and powerful women. She is from humble origins and has worked for every thing she has gotten. The real sin of Ms. Palin is that she is not only a conservative but a devout Christian. To the east coast, ivy league, taxi cab progressives allowing morality into government is the greatest stupidity.


4 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Jackson. Palin and the Media

  1. The media is also on a witch hunt. By marginalizing and denigrating Ms. Palin, they are sending a warning to all conservative/Christian women: “Stay silent or look what we will do to you AND your children.”
    My regularly scheduled programming has been taken over with Jackson mania. What happened to NK’s ship headed to Burma suspected of carrying nuclear related material? It turned around! I had to look it up on the internet to learn this! This wasn’t big enough news to top the Jackson coverage. And what of all those missiles they’ve been testing? Obama is planning to cut funds for our missile defense shield progam. Sounds like a good move. How much have we heard about Cap & Trade since Jackson’s death? And besides the ABC Infomercial on Health Care Reform, even that has taken a backseat. None of these issues affect me nearly as much as Brooke Shields’ comments at a pedophile’s freak show. My TV has never been turned off for such a prolonged period of time! Of course this plays into the left agenda, too: “Get those conservatives to turn off their TV and quit watching FOX! Maybe even FOX will quit watching us while we deliver this country to hell in a hand basket and shred the Constitution. Show some more Jackson footage main stream. Get some footage of his poor children. And don’t bother mentioning anything about all the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan this week…”

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  3. I was just remarking that isn’t it interesting that the guy who actually ran for president, no one hears about anymore.

  4. hoboduke says:

    People are conditioned to accept stereotypes. Sarah Palin is not accepted for her achievements. She is counted as a religious fanatic, or a ignorant backwoods hunter, or someone that camps with her family! Not sure how all this adds up to such a torrent of antagonism. She almost gets as much attention as American Idol.

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