The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Salute to the Troops

Sometimes I sit at my desk and I think about what I do for a living. Some people say comedy is hard but comedy is a byproduct of our society. Everything that we have and everything that we do in America from telling jokes to curing cancer to turning bolts in a factory is the result of a culture in our country that says country is more important than self. From the early revolutionaries to the men and women standing a post in Iraq tonight Americans have always stepped up to do what is necessary to protect our freedoms.

I believe that the average person in America, and I include myself in that number, has become complacent about the liberties with which we are provided. Most of us don’t vote. Most of us don’t pay much attention to what the government is doing. Most of us don’t care that little by little our freedoms, won and protected by the blood of our young man and women are being whittled away. Smoking is banned, but hey, most of us don’t smoke. They kicked an old lady out of her house, but we all got a great new shopping mall. The Government decides that AIG or GM is too big to fail but that’s ok because my insurance or my uncle’s pension was saved. Each time one of our freedoms is chipped away it is an insult to those who have laid down their lives protecting them.   

Over the years I have done a number of shows at military bases. Officers clubs, NCO clubs, for the enlisted guys. I’ve done shows for a few dozen marines at Camp Pendleton and a few thousand airmen at Randolph. At all of those shows I have never been heckled. In every visit to a base I have always been treated with the utmost respect. Every man and woman I met called me “sir.”  The men and women in our military service live in a culture or respect, honor and order. Stories like Abu Ghraib and other war crimes are news because among our military folks they are the rare exception and not the rule. So, if you see a man or woman in uniform on the street or at the airport say “thank you.” If you have the time, buy them a soda or a coffee. The best part is that you’ll feel great and get a bigger thank you than you gave in return.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Salute to the Troops

  1. tc001 says:

    i agree with how it ends we as a people should say thank u if not more when we see a man or woman in uniform thats out there protecting us.

  2. James Chapman says:

    About all I can add to this story is ” AMEN “

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