The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: An Apology from Dave, Previews and Other Random Thoughts

Last night David Letterman ate a little humble pie when conservative pressure on economically hurting CBS forced him to apologize to Governor Palin.  I am of two minds when I hear this apology. The first is to take the high road like the Governor and graciously accept. The second is to look for the wink and the nod to like mined lefties behind the apology that says, “I have to do this to keep my job but you all know what I really think.”

For now I say let it go and let’s find other sacred liberals and their causes to skewer.

That out reach to the “Muslin World” seem to be working well for President Obama. I wonder if he has scheduled his “talks without preconditions” with Iran yet? Meanwhile the other anti-Israel Democrat President , Jimmy Carter,  says that Hamas is no longer a terrorist group. I am sure that the Israelis who are being hit by their rockets are going to be so happy to hear the news!

Meanwhile in Iran the real leader have said that they might be willing to consider a “limited recount” of the voting. Remind you of anything? Back in 2000 that is exactly what Al Gore, the Democrat Party, and the Florida Supreme Court e to do. Before I get any comments from “progressives” who want to whine, can anyone show one recount where Bush did not win Florida?

In the next week I hope to have a collaborative effort with a friend to bring you a couple of cartoons.


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: An Apology from Dave, Previews and Other Random Thoughts

  1. Davis says:

    so good to see that conservatives are finally embracing politically correct speech — you guy have been interested in justice for the little guy (and gal) for, what, going on six months now?

  2. It’s sad. I use to really like Letterman. Now he is nothing more than a bitter mean-spirited very unfunny pathetic old man. I hope Palin appears on Conan’s and gives him the Palin bump.

  3. I think though Letterman was an ass for what he said he, whether honestly or not, apologized, Palin accepted, and now we should move on. Letterman is boring.

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