The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Few Tasteless Jokes to Share

David Letterman, and to a lesser degree alleged comedian/VH-I host Chuck Nice, once again have shown by example what hundreds of essays, several books and many news reports could not: there is a double standard for what gets said and how the media reacts in this country. So called “Progressive” comics, television “reporters”, politicans and radio personalities are very rarely held to account for what they say.  There are hundreds of examples you could cite, anti-Semitic remarks by a number of liberals from Jimmy Carter to Jesse Jackson, racist comments from Judge Sotomayor and numerous “jokes” from Bill Maher and Jeanne Garofalo. Have any of them lost a job or been held up to public ridicule? Of course not, in fact in many cases their status has been elevated and their careers prospered.

This week both Letterman and Nice have made “jokes” about Sarah Palin and her family in ugly and tasteless terms. Aside from some right wing talk show hosts and a few bloggers there hasn’t been too much blow back. Does anyone think CBS will can Lettermen over his child rape joke? He may issue some half-hearted apology but do you buy it? Do you think he went home last night after the show and thought that what he had said was wrong or do you think the spin meisters and the Letterman writers are crafting some slickly worded statement for tonight’s show that says nothing.

Being a comic I thought it might be fun to write a few “jokes” that are along the same lines as Letterman and Nice. So here are some tasteless jokes that will never be told on any of the public airwaves. They may, however, be taken out of the context of satirizing the left and be quoted by some liberal half-wit as an example that the right does it too.

I thought I saw Michelle Obama the other day, at least I think it was her, or do all D.C. street walkers have Secret Service protection?

Do you ever notice that President Obama is like a televangelist, no matter how much money you send him he still asks for more? And his faith in Jesus has just about the same level of sincerity!

President Obama is like a hemoriod, he’s a huge pain in the ass and he’s bleeding me dry!

Biden was picked as VP as an insurance policy, as long as that moron is next in line no one will impeach President Obama.

Since Michelle Obama’s mother is living in the White House does that mean it is qualified as section 8 housing?

I wrote some nasty jokes about President Obama’s children but I am not publishing them because I have something that most progressives don’t: standards.


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Few Tasteless Jokes to Share

  1. geoff tate says:

    Bill Maher lost his job on ABC. Also, should Rush Limbaugh his jobs over “jokes” or just plain inflammatory speech? He called Chelsea Clinton ugly when she was 13. Which is worse-calling a kid ugly or making a joke about a girl who gets knocked up getting knocked up? It’s obvious to anyone the joke was about Bristol.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Maher lost his ABC gig due to bad rating not comments. As I commented on FB I would like a source on Rush’s comment. I am not saying he didn’t say it but today on his show he denied it. As to the comments of Lettermen being obvious maybe me and another 35 million folks just aren’t as quick as you but it was the younger Palin at the game.

  2. Red says:

    I love the joke about section 8 housing. I think that would really stir up liberal rage in a heartbeat… which is why I love it so much.

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