The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sotomayor = Justice Denied.

 Alright, let’s see a show of hands, how many of you think that Sonia Sotomayor got nominated for the big job because she is, hands down without a doubt, the best qualified judge in America. Exactly! If our friends on the left are honest we can all agree that there are three reasons she got the nod: she is liberal, she is Hispanic, and she is a woman. soto

Is there any clear thinking conservative out there who thought that President Obama might actually try to fill this job opening that has the best benefits package in history with someone who might be, in some small way, acceptable to the right? This is the one appointment that cannot have any concession to conservatives. You can dislike Judge Sotomayor for her racial comments, that’s fair. You can look at her troubling record and the number of times she has been overturned on appeal and question her legal acumen. However, no intellectually honest conservative or liberal can deny that judges make policy and law in this country. Starting with the guy who takes your donations to local government for speeding right up to the First Street Nine, judges have the final word. In the game we like to call America, judges have all the marbles. Justice may be blind but she has a big mouth and when she speaks you must listen.

Conservatives who are realists know that unless there is a sex tape about to turn up on You Tube or a Mafia Don trying to make a plea bargain about to go before the grand jury, Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed. It amazes me that all my right wing friends are so shocked that President Obama should nominate a judicial activist to the Supreme Court. Modern liberalism believes that what is unavailable through the voting booth can be gotten from the bench. One need only look at the state and federal courts in the most liberal of states, California, to know this is true. It further amazes me that we on the right are surprised that the President’s nominee would believe a member of a minority group can better judge cases that a white man. This is exactly what Judge Sotomayor has been taught at Princeton and at Yale. She may have been taught this at the Catholic High School she attended as well if the Jesuits were teaching there.

Finally, is it possible that we might stop talking about what a “compelling story” Judge Sotomayor’s life has been as if that is a qualification for the Supreme Court? There are millions of stories just like hers in this country. That is why people risk their lives and their liberty to come here both legally and illegally. As much as the left likes to demean this country as an unfair and racist place they are quick to point out that it is still possible to go from the projects to the penthouse in a single generation. My father went from a very poor neighborhood in Pittsburgh to being an executive at a Fortune 500 company but that does not qualify him for the Court. President Obama might like my dad, even though he was a Goldwater conservative at our house he was an activist judge who made policy and was never overturned on appeal.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Sotomayor = Justice Denied.

  1. Davis says:

    and you believe Republican nominees (I’m looking at you, Clarence Thomas) were simply the best?

    • jeffreyjena says:

      Thanks for reading TVRWC. Honestly, no Clarence Thomas was not the best person available. Judge Robert Bork, who was widely recognized as one of the finest legal minds in America had already been sabatoged by the left in 1987. Also unavailable was Douglas Ginsburg who had withdrawn from consideration in 1987 because he had smoked pot! How ironic that the man now doing the nominations admits to pot and cocaine! Justice Thomas was the best Africian- American as the afirmative action policy for the highest office in the legal profession was already in play. Imagine the outcry from the left if the only Black Justice was not replaced with another Black Justice! I will remind you that when Country Club Bush II nominated Harriet Miers to replace O’Conner it was the far right who demanded this unqualified party hack be made to step down. Now if only the far left had the same courage!

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