The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: American Idol

I have never really watched American Idol until this season. My wife is a huge fan and every year I would watch the first few “audition” weeks with her for the same reason people slow down near a car accident. I want to see the blood and ugliness! I love the people who didn’t have any friends to tell them they couldn’t sing and other train wrecks that show up with the delusion that they might be the next Kelly Clarkson.  

My major problems with these talent shows is they try to give the impression that all of the contestants are just diamonds in the rough that took an hour off from the Burger King to come down and give it a shot. The people at American Idol want you to believe they have discovered some guy with a day gig and a dream and they helped polish up their act and transformed them into stars. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen did not go stand in line with the rest of the mob. They were somehow prescreened and told when and where to report. Is there anyone in American who thinks that Adam Lambert wasn’t a professional singer before he was on American Idol? 

The same is true of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. The people who are going to make the top twenty or ten or whatever it is are all long time professional comics. Many already have deals in place with NBC, or an agent and a manager before they “audition” to be on the show.  

Here’s my point, after a certain point the show gets boring for me because all of the people have chops and a reasonable shot at winning. After a point in the elimination rounds all of the people on the show are already show business professionals who are acting out a charade for your entertainment.

I have noticed an embarrassing trend on the show this year. A few times this season if the “star” guest singer had been in the competition they would have been voted off of the show! Several of the guests were, as Randy Jackson might put it, a little pitchy.

Enjoy the final tonight, American Idol fans and rest easy because no matter who comes out on top they are both going to have great careers.  Besides the real winner has already been determined, the producers of American Idol and Fox who are raking in billions. Hey Congress, how about a windfall profits tax?


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: American Idol

  1. You obviously saw the NO DOUBT performance. Ouch.

  2. Davis says:

    and the Paula Abdul performance as well — good post

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